Meet the Twins!

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It’s finally time for me to introduce the new little members of our family! Check out my precious twins’ Baby Photos and get to know their personalities.

My Husband and I Holding Our Newborn Twins, Ashton and Brooks

Meet the Twins!

I’m so excited to finally share some photos of the twins with you! If you follow me on Instagram you may have already seen several, but we finally have our newborn photos back and we love them!

So allow me to officially introduce our identical twin boys, Ashton and Brooks. We are smitten! They were born Friday, February 2 via emergency C-section, about a week before the scheduled C-section. Ashton was born at 5:23pm weighing 4 lbs 10 oz and Brooks was born at 5:24pm weighing 6 lbs 5 oz. They are both healthy and doing great! They’re about a week away from being 2 months old and have both gained about 3 pounds since birth.

Ashton and Brooks Being Swaddled and Held by My Husband and Me

My Husband and I Holding our Newborn Twins in Our Bed

Photos by Hayley Jo Photography

The first 7 weeks have certainly been a handful, but we’ve been very fortunate to have great help from family in the area and from my mom, who has been staying with us since they were born, with the exception of one week. Such a big help!

Despite the sleep deprivation, it’s been so fun to see them grow and change so much already. They have such personality! Ashton is the more serious and curious one and Brooks is totally chill and happy as long as he’s got his milk. Brooks has also started rolling over in just the last couple of days, which is fun to watch. They are such sweet little love bugs.

Ashton and Brooks Snuggling Together in a Blanket

Brooks and Ashton Lying Face to Face in their Crib

My Experience Having Twins

But lets back up just a bit for those that are interested in their arrival into this world/their birth. I mentioned above that the C-section came early. They were born just why of 36 weeks. Well, the end of the pregnancy was quite a doozy. I’ve always had low blood pressure and did throughout my pregnancy up until the end. By the last month or so, my blood pressure had risen and I was so swollen I couldn’t wear anything on my feet other than the hubs’ very big slippers. No joke. We even tried to go out and buy some women’s slippers for me, but nothing fit.

As you may have read in various blog posts, during that last month we had two doctors appointments a week for monitoring the boys since they were mono-di twins. One was an ultrasound with the perinatologist and the other was an NST for monitoring their heart rates with my OBGYN.

Well that final week, the OBGYN called a couple days ahead of my NST appointment and said there had been some elevated levels in my last blood test and my blood pressure was borderline (and actually was too high if I did anything other than sit on the couch), so they wanted to do a 24 hour urine test to test for preeclampsia. So we did.

Then the night before our NST appointment, something shifted for me. It’s hard to say what it was, but I just had a feeling that this was the end. That it needed to be the end. I’m kind of stubborn and kept going with all the things I could, even baking, up until the end. That last week though, I had finally stopped and that last day, I knew something had changed.

Our Twins Boys Lying on Our Bed with My Husband and I Looking Over Them

My Husband Holding Ashton and Brooks on His Lap While They're Swaddled

The next morning, I told the hubs that I really felt like these babies needed to be born by the end of the weekend (it was Friday). I was concerned for them. We went to the NST appointment and they monitored the twins and they were perfectly happy, but the hubs wasn’t totally convinced. I had started downplaying things a bit and feeling like maybe I’d been a little dramatic that morning. But the hubs knows I don’t cry wolf and make a big deal out of things, so he brought up my earlier concerns to the doctor. The doctor initially was going to let me go home and then call later about the urine test, but changed his mind a few minutes after he left the room. We were sent to the hospital for further monitoring and to wait for the results of the urine test.

Well, several hours after getting to the hospital, the doctor came into the room and told us that she’d been totally expecting to send me home. My blood pressure was borderline but ok, and the babies were totally fine. However, they look for a protein level in the urine to be under 300 and mine was above 4,000! I would be having a C-section two hours later. Pretty much as soon as possible.

We had about 20 minutes to cry, get our head wrapped around everything and call our moms so they could get to the hospital and let everyone else know what was happening, and then it all started. IV’s and epidurals were put in place and it all happened so quickly from there. The twins were born healthy and we were thrilled!

Baby Ashton Sleeping in an Off-White BlanketAshton

Brooks Snoozing with a White Blanket Around HimBrooks

The whole C-section and birth experience were kind of rough for me and quite different than I’d expected. I don’t know if it was because of the preeclampsia, but the epidural they gave me was so strong I could hardly breathe during the entire procedure. I threw up on the table several times and they had to give me some kind of “upper” multiple times because my blood pressure got so low. It was hard to focus on the birth because I had to work so hard to breathe. I felt very out of it for hours, even in recovery. I then had issues with pain medicine that kept me in more pain than necessary a few times. Having not ever had a major surgery before, I’ll say that recovery was very painful and not easy, though it slowly got better and by about day 10, I felt pretty good.

So after two nights in the hospital, everything was going relatively smoothly. Then on the third night, the boys went for their carseat tests that the hospital does to make sure they can handle being in their carseats before they can leave. During the test, Ashton’s heart rate sped up to over 300 bpm so he was rushed to the NICU. After getting his heart under control, we were informed that he has SVT, specifically Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome. It was very scary and led to a week long NICU stay while they adjusted his medication, but overall it is quite manageable and something that could resolve itself within his first year. Looking back, we are thankful that they found it when they did. Had we not known about the condition, it could have been bad. But so far he’s done extremely well and the cardiologist is very happy – as are we.

Coming home from the hospital with just Brooks and having to leave Ashton behind in the NICU was maybe the hardest thing ever. It was awful. I knew I needed to be there for Brooks, but also wanted to be there for Ashton. Talk about tearing my heart in two! The hubs stayed at the hospital with Ashton for the next several nights, while I was mostly with Brooks. I was able to go visit Ashton during the day, but with the preeclampsia, I wasn’t healthy enough to be there for long. My swelling and blood pressure actually got worse before it got better, and I kind of think the stress of Ashton being in the NICU had something to do with it. We didn’t have a full understanding of his condition initially and it was scary and stressful.

Ashton and Brooks Laying Down with their Little Feet in Focus

My Husband and I Holding Our Newborn Twins, Ashton and Brooks

Once we finally got both of them home, it was a big relief. Yet, postpartum was so much more than I expected. I was so thankful that the twins were both home with us, but the “baby blues” hit me like a ton of bricks. I was totally overwhelmed by having two babies and all that entails and also from the massive change I noticed in my body post-pregnancy. I had a moment where I realized I would never be the same and just cried. Not to mention it took just over 2 weeks for my milk to come in, so I was pumping like crazy trying to get anything I could and felt like a cow. It’s totally amazing to me how having a baby – not to mention two – TOTALLY turns EVERYTHING upside down. There is no way to prepare for it, just like people had always said. It completely overwhelmed me.

After a fair amount of prayer, I finally had a moment a few weeks later where I realized that fear and being overwhelmed had kind of gotten the better of me. Since then I can’t say that I haven’t had those moment of being overwhelmed at all, but it’s much better. I feel much more joy than fear and am enjoying becoming a mother – I say “becoming” because I truly feel like I had to become one, it wasn’t an overnight thing. The hubs says I’m too hard on myself, but none-the-less, that’s how it feels. Babies are a massive learning curve and I’m finally starting to feel like I’m catching on. Yay!

So now we are trying to figure out what life might look like with two babies. The hubs is back at work after 5 weeks off and I’m trying to get back into the groove of working a bit. Finding the time is hard with the twins, so we are slowly working through what that looks like and getting the right help in place. Most importantly though, we are loving on our boys and enjoying every minute with them we can. I love looking into their beautiful little faces, feeling their warmth and soft skin, seeing them grow and get so strong, kissing them all over and so much more. I love being their mom and can’t wait to experience all that it entails. After such a long road to get here, I am so thankful the Lord saw fit to make us parents to these two sweet boys and hope to never take a bit of it for granted.

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  1. Samantha Hennigan

    Congratulations on your beautiful boys. They are so adorable. I’m so glad you are all ok. Thanks for the sharing your practical and pregnancy experience.

  2. Tracey Biagas

    Congrats on your 2 Baby -Loves, what a great blessing for you and your hubs 🙂 .This is my 1st time coming to your site, but I feel in my heart that Ashton and Brooks are the Blessed Ones because they will have you as their mother. May the Lord our God continue to smile upon you and your family and keep your Baby-Loves as the Apple of His Eye, in the Palm of His Hand and the center of His Will.

  3. Kay Tam

    Congratulations! I absolutely love your blog and how real you are about your pregnancy and delivery. I am 16 weeks pregnant now and got through morning sickness by enjoying your baking. Thank you! 

    1. Lindsay

      Thanks so much Kay! I’m so glad to hear you enjoy the blog and congratulations on your pregnancy! Such fun times ahead!

  4. Nancy Cuppy

    You boys are handsome little guys. My son and his girlfriend Kirsti just had mono mono twin girls. She delivered at 32 weeks a few days before the planned c-section. Her instagram is if you want to connect. I am going to try your chocolate espresso cake.

    1. Lindsay

      Thank you! And so amazing! Mono mono is definitely scary – glad to hear things were ok!

      I hope you enjoy the cake!

  5. Lily

    Congratulations on your beautiful boys! I’m so glad you are all ok! Your faith in God is inspiring and encouraging. I just want to tell you that I was born with a heart condition and, by God’s goodness, I am 16 and am living a happy and healthy life, so I know that God will take care of little Ashton’s heart. May God continue to bless you and your family!

    P.S. I love your blog!

    1. Lindsay

      Thank you so much Lily! I’m so glad to hear you are healthy! My brother was also born with a heart condition and now healthy. I know God’s got his hand on Ashton as well.

      I’m so glad to hear you enjoy the blog!

  6. Charmaine Prinsloo

    Congratulations on your beautiful babies they are so adorable,
    All the best for the family. Thanks for the photos you a great couple. Keep us posted with more photos.


    Charmaine Prinsloo South Africa

  7. Tobi

    Congratulations Lindsey & hubs!! One of my brothers is named Ashton and my best friend is named Brooks….so cool!
    Glad you are doing okay, take some time for yourself and just enjoy your twins! Babies grow up way too fast! Take tons of photos and videos, you won’t regret it!

  8. D'Andrea

    You will find your groove and things will fall into place. You’ll look back and wonder what you were worried about. Your sons are adorable, congratulations to you and your husband. My niece had two sets of twins 11 months and 23 days apart, you’re gonna be fine. LOL

    1. Lindsay

      Thanks so much, D’Andrea! Things are normalizing a bit these days and we are having fun with them! Two sets of twins that close – amazing!

  9. Teresa Ambra

    I’ve been praying for you to have two healthy boys and that you would be able to carry “to term” since you first posted about this. So glad everything worked out. God has blessed you indeed.

  10. Nelly

    My friend. I loved reading this post and hearing more details about your experience. I can’t even imagine what that must have been like to have Ashton in NICU. And let me tell you- when you say “becoming a mother”.. I get it. Totally felt the same way with Avery. It’s a learning process that is hard, but as you also say, wonderful at the same time. Love you so much!

  11. Amy

    Congratulations on the birth of your twin boys!!! I have fraternal twin boys and as I read through your post I got a bit nostalgic thinking about those crazy first weeks/months of parenting twins (mine are 9 now!) It is definitely not easy but give yourself some grace and take as much time as you need to figure it out. And, take all the help you can get! 😉 I hope someone (maybe lots of someones) have baked you some delicious desserts to help get you through! Hugs from one twin momma to another!

  12. Jane Fowler

    Congratulations, they’re beautiful! My first son, who I had through IVF, spent a week in the NICU.  It’s so hard but I hardly ever think about it now!  Enjoy your boys.  Being a mom to boys is so fun!

  13. Rebecca

    Omg I have been waiting for this update since the nursery update! I am so glad to hear they are healthy and they are beautiful! My baby brother was born with heart conditions (holes in his heart) and had heart surgery at 6 months old so I am so so glad Ashton is okay. Congratulations on two beautiful babies!

    1. Lindsay

      Thanks so much Rebecca! Ironically, the day the nursery post went up was the day they were born. Good thing I posted it when I did, ha! My brother was actually born with a heart issue as well, they just didn’t find it until he was much older and he had open heart surgery at 15. I’m thankful they’ve found Ashton’s so early and are treating it.

  14. Zara

    Congratulations on your cuties ,they are so adorable, I desire to have twin( two boys ) too. I’m so glad you understand your body system and prayers were answered, i had my first daughter through C-section when the doctor saw me swollen and tested us and said preeclampsia ,I never knew what it meant until I started reading about it . I’m so glad you are doing great and the cute handsome boys are doing fine .Congratulations once again, and glory be to God . thanks to the hub too , ???? much love to the family.????????????????

  15. Karen Peterson

    Congratulations on your beautiful children! You will continue becoming a mother your whole life long. I’m 72 with 3 children, 5 grandchildren and 2 great grands and I’m still figuring it out. You’re going to do great!

  16. monika Singh

    First of all i want to say congratulation for twin babies. Twins always doubles the happiness. Very much delighted after reading your journey. As a parent we all love to see our kids growing. They complete us and make us responsible. I would like to say you all the best be happy and be positive in life.

  17. Teija

    Congratulations on your precious boys! I’ve loved reading your journey and have been so excited and happy for you guys. I wish you nothing but the best and thank you for sharing with all of us. They are adorable and make me remember how small babies are. You forget all that when they grow! Mine are 23, 18 and 15 and it’s crazy how fast time goes. One of these days you will wonder where this time went, when they fit on your lap and you could hold them and give them kisses and cuddles and they let you! 😉 Enjoy, even though it’s hectic and crazy – you aren’t losing your mind! (That comes later when they develop attitudes! ha) I can’t wait to keep up on them through your posts.


    Congratulations on your twins and what an experience! It’s been so neat to read along with your journey and experiences of infertility and to see this happy outcome. Thank you for sharing that! It’s not always easy to share the real life struggles. I hope the transition to parenthood gets smoother for you with time! It will 🙂

  19. Mindy


    they are adorable! If I lived nearby I would definitely be a volunteer to help!
    There is nothing like holding a sweet little baby. Congratulations.

  20. Beth A


    Congratulations on your precious baby boys. I am so happy for you & your family. What a double dose of blessings. You are going to be the best mama to those little angels. Blessings to you all.


  21. Stephanie @ Girl Versus Dough

    Oh Lindsay, they are PERFECT. I am so, so happy for you. I will be praying that you continue to transition well into this new phase of life — I get it! It’s not easy. But you were made for this. xo 

  22. Suzy-q

    Oh Lindsay, I have been waiting for photos of the family. The twins are adorable! So precious and
    sweet. Enjoy every minute of every day. Thank you for sharing! God bless all of you!!!!

  23. Cecilia Trotta

    Thank you so much for sharing! Congratulations to you both….your boys are truly beautiful! God bless you and your family always. Remember to take it slow and in time you will find your groove again…..hugs from Brooklyn! 🙂

  24. Suzanne Griffin

    I am a grandma to one wonderful grandchild (and one is all it will most likely ever be)! Your moms are so fortunate to be able to be grandma to those beautiful boys! Congrats and enjoy!

  25. Lillian

    Oh my god they are so beautiful congrats to you both luv all the pics you are truly blessed to have twins soooo adorable god be with all of you congratulations again 

  26. Karlene Wynter

    Congratulations to you both! What a wonderful blessing. Enjoy your sons. May God’s love, peace and joy remain with your family.

    God bless you

  27. Keri

    I had Preeclampsia too (unfortunately with a worse outcome). PE is correlated with heart disease later in life, so keep an eye on that earlier than the average person.
    Thanks for sharing and the boys (and you) are beautiful!!

  28. Patricia Mann

    You have the most beautiful twins.  So adorable.  I loved the pictures.  Congratulations to you and your husband.  I look forward to seeing future posts of the boys.

  29. Laura Edwards

    Congratulations! They are beautiful! I’m just getting started with my blog and yours is an inspiration to me. Enjoy those beautiful boys!

  30. Janice Morris

    What an amazing journey you have had! And for you to have shared your journey with everyone is beyond incredible. I found your postings documenting what you were going through, absolutely fascinating. And that you would do this to possibly help other couples going through this was so unselfish and altruistic of you!
    I don’t know who is more blessed, the boys to have the parents they do, or you and your husband to be sent those two little angels! Their evolvement, development and birth was nothing short of a miracle! The pictures of them are so precious and adorable! Enjoy each and every moment with them! 
    Thank you Lindsay, for opening up your heart and your life to us onliners! 

    1. Lindsay

      Thanks for the sweet words, Janice! It’s wonderful to be able to share and hopefully help someone else. I enjoy it very much. 🙂

  31. Dyanna

    Oh Lindsay they are beautiful!!!
    I am so happy to hear everyone is home and well. Congratulations to you and your family. Here’s praying for some sleep for you!


    They are so adorable! There is nothing better than being a parent. Congratulations to you both and may God bless you and your beautiful little boys, always!

  33. Christine Layer

    Oh my gosh Lindsay….CONGRATULATIONS!!!  Reading your story reminded me sooooo much of our twin boys’ birth 26 years ago!!! YES – you will survive – and I even did it again (a single birth the second time, LOL) – and had our daughter almost 7 years later.   That first C-section delivery was a shocker – I too had never had any major surgery or even been in a hospital prior to that.  I was born via C-section but back in the dark ages (1966) – they knocked the moms out – so – they had no idea what transpired.  I had an epidural with the first one and experienced very similar side effects…nausea…extreme dizziness…ugh – I wasn’t able to really focus on my boys being born, but my husband was right by my side and like you – I had a great support team…we would’ve been lost without my parents!!    You have SOOOOO many phenomenal things ahead of you….twins are double the work but quadruple all the wonderful things too.  When you see your babies communicating with each other and developing together – it is the most amazing thing in life to witness.  Our sons are still each other’s best friends; the share a bond like no other!    God bless you and your family…enjoy every minute, it goes fast and trust me; in spite of the sleepless nights…you will survive and thrive and those two little guys will amaze you for the rest of your life…there’s simply nothing in the world like mothering twins!!  XO XO XO  🙂

    1. Lindsay

      Sounds like a very similar experience! The support from family is wonderful though! I look forward to watching them grow and be best friends, for sure! Thanks Christine!

  34. Ruth Roininen

    They are beautiful and enjoy every minute. Life is changed forever my dear. You will find “normal” trust me and don’t rush to get everything organized it takes time. You body will adjust you look beautiful, love your post keep up the good work, But take time for YOU. This is truly normal. I have had two boys, but they are 45 and 50 now.

    1. Lindsay

      Thank you, Ruth! Trying to remember to take care of myself too. My mom and the hubs are definitely helping with that. 🙂

  35. Chandra Persaud

    Amen!! THE LORD SAW IT FIT to make you and your husband parents…well said and I totally agree. With HIS seeing it fit to make you a mother, HE is faithful to walk you through it day by day by giving you both a fresh supply of GRACE each and every day!! Congratulations to you both.

  36. Kathleen Haugh

    Thank you for sharing your journey wirh us!
    I’m the mother of 2 boys (born separately)
    by c-section & your story brought back the joys & challenges of motherhood. I’m so happy for your family, congratulations!

  37. ~Ruth

    Oh my goodness, aren’t they just beautiful! You’ve done so, so well to get through it all. Slowly but surely, things will gradually get better and easier, with time. It’s hard, but try to enjoy them whilst they are so little, because they just grow up so fast! Take really good care of yourself. Rest as much as you can. You are doing such as wonderful job. God bless xx

  38. Tracy Hoffmann

    Blessings to all of you! I did not have twins but did have preeclampsia with my first son. Reading your comments brought back many of the memories of what I went through as well. Only difference is that it sounds like you have a very supportive husband; at that time (my first husband) was not. I basically soloed it then. Would not have it any other way now. Been blessed with four wonderful sons and no regrets ????. Congratulations and best to all four of you????.

    1. Lindsay

      Sorry to hear of the bad experience, but it does all work out for the best, doesn’t it? Thank you so much, Tracy!

  39. elizabeth nelson

    Congratulations tio both of you! It’s an exciting time that will seem tio pass very quickly. Thank you for sharing! We’ll be looking forward to upcoming posts and what they’re learned to do. Children are a gift and I can tell you’ll both’ve great parents. God bless

  40. Sarah E.

    They are just the absolute cutest! I was diagnosed with SVT (although I don’t think mine is WPW related) in March of 2016. It is really scary but it’s also a lot more common than I thought it would be. I’ve been surprised to find out many people I know also have it. I hope that Ashton’s does resolve itself but if not, there are treatments and even a procedure that can fix it permanently (which I just had done in February myself). Congratulations to you and your husband. Being a parent is just the absolute best.

    1. Lindsay

      Yes, it’s interesting how common it is! We have heard of the surgery, they just tell us that in kids they wait until they are a certain age to do the procedure. Glad to hear it was successful for you! Thanks Sarah!!

  41. libby

    Been hanging out for a report on how it all turned out for you and the family. You know like when you get the craving for cake but you have to wait till its ready! Thank you for taking such effort to put it all together in your blog. Don’t ever doubt you are SUPERWOMAN. Love for Perth Western Australia.

  42. Debbie

    Congratulations!! The babies are so beautiful or handsome just cute right now. Love the photos of you all. What a blessing. So sorry you had such a hard time with your pregnancy, but slowly things will get better. My son and daughter-in-law just had a baby in Jan. its hard for new mothers but, two is double hard. But, your a strong wonderful blogger that I have followed a long time and with your perfection and devotion to this blog could only mean your a wonderful hard working mom also. Take very good care of yourself and your beautiful babies. Rest when you can. And by the way I cannot thank you enough for helping me when you did. It all turned out wonderful.

  43. Valerie

    Congratulations on the births of precious Ashton and Brooks. My best wishes to you and your family on this joyous occasion. Take care, be happy, and be well.

  44. Marvis

    Congratulations to the both of you, your boys are gorgeous. Having had preeclampsia I totally understand and can relate to what you went through. So happy everything turned out well. You are doing great and as you said no one is prepared for motherwood. You learn along the way and make the necessary changes and adapt. Keep cherishing these moments ???? stay blessed

  45. Kelley McKinney Spearman

    Congratulations!! I have walked in your shoes and I am a proud Grandmother of identical twin baby girls, born May 13,2017 at 36 weeks. My daughter-in-law and son have been wonderful 1st time parents. Our babies, both yours and ours are truly a gift from God.  I can wait to share baking fun with my girls. 

    1. Lindsay

      So exciting! Congratulations to you as well! They are definitely gifts and I can’t wait to bake with them either! 🙂

  46. Jennifer

    Congrats on the safe arrival of your twin boys. I will never forget their birthday as my granddaughter was born the same day at 8:48 pm she weighed 8lbs 2 oz her name is kimani

  47. Dorie M Howard

    At last, your precious babies have made their debut. We have been waiting anxiously to see these adorable little guys. God has certainly blessed you with two sweeties.
    Congratulations to you and your husband????????

  48. Mindy Drummond

    What a beautiful family you have made! Congrats to all of you and always remember God will get you through the tough times as he already has shown. God bless you and your family.

  49. J

    Congratulations to you and your hubby..such beautiful boys! I love it even though their so tiny, that they hold on to each other. I love it when they jabber to each other..their’s a twin thing. We have identical  twin girls in our much fun!

  50. Latina

    Congratulations!!!!! You will be a wonderful mom. Take your time with your body. Be patient. You body has to adjust just like you have to adjust to mommy hood. You will get your groove back.

  51. Becky

    I am so happy for you. Thanks for sharing your journey with us and congratulations on two beautiful baby boys!!! May you enjoy your little blessings!

  52. Dee

    Blessings to you, your husband and to your beautiful healthy babies. Thanks for sharing your little miracles with all of us. 

  53. Donna Moresea

    Congratulations! I totally understand about preeclampsia. My Daughter developed preeclampsia after she and my granddaughter, Lila were discharged from the hospital. They admitted my daughter but could not admit Lila with her. She was in the hospital for 3 days. So I took care of Lila and took her to the hospital everyday to visit my daughter in the hospital. I was not allowed to leave her there so I napped in a chair while my Daughter attended to Lila. Never expected that to happen. And the best part was my Daughter was living in North Carolina and all the family was in Pennsylvania. I am so happy everything is well and the boys are precious. Hope to see more pictures in the future.

    1. Lindsay

      I’m glad to hear things with your daughter and granddaughter turned out alright! That’s definitely scary. There was a day we thought I might have to go back to the hospital since things got worse before they got better and the thought of being apart from the boys was the worst!

  54. Katrina

    Such a heartfelt post! I’m sorry that things were so difficult for you as far as the delivery, recovery and postpartum. So happy to hear you are doing better now though. Your boys are precious – you have a beautiful family! Congratulations!

  55. Gina

    WOW; you’ve certainly been through an awful lot over the last few months.  So happy that you and your beautiful little baby boys are home together and healthy.  You should check out Sally’s Baking Addiction.  She’s also a baker who gave birth last year to a little girl named Noelle.  She writes on her blog how it was so difficult “learning” to become a mother.  You both have a lot in common.  Keep things in perspective; the most important thing right now is keeping you and your babies healthy and happy.  Everything else will come in time.  Don’t overwhelm yourself trying to do too much.  Taking care of twins is 10 times the work (not 2).  I’m an Auntie to twin 7 year-old boys who were adopted at birth.  I’m the only other caregiver/family member within hundreds of miles of their parents so I’ve been taking care of them since birth.  It’s not easy and at 7 years old, it still isn’t.  🙂  Congratulations to you and your husband!!!!

    1. Lindsay

      I have actually seen that post and she wrote it very well. You’re right – twins are definitely more than 2 times the work. 🙂 We love them though, don’t we? Thanks so much, Gina!

  56. Holly N @ Spend With Pennies

    They are gorgeous… congratulations to you both.  I’m so thrilled to meet your little men. 

    The beginning is so hard, take it day by day and eventually you will find your groove.  Love and hugs to all of you. Xo

  57. Carol G

    Congratulations, enjoy every moment as time does go by quickly. My babies are 40 and 38, seems like it went in a flash.

  58. Evelyn & John Jennerich

    Congratulations to you and your husband. May God continue to bless all four of you. Your boys are beautiful.

  59. Jackie Collins

    Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby boys…. may they fill your life with love and happiness!

  60. Suzanne

    Beautiful, congratulations on your little boys, wishing you all health and happiness 
    Best wishes  

  61. carol

    WOW!  What a story, congratulations on those beautiful boys.  Life will never be dull!  Best of luck and PS. I love your blog!

  62. Jan Maiolatesi

    Congratulations to u & your hubby for producing such beautiful boys. I have loved all the pictures u have posted of u all & for that heartwarming story of their birth. No one is really prepared the first time when u become a parent but God gave u a gift & God will see you on your way with the boys. HAVE FAITH YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB!!:)

  63. Jean

    God has Blessed you with the most Beautiful Blessings and they are so Handsome. You take care of yourself so you will be able to take care of them. Always know they will Love you and soon you will hear the little voices saying Mama and you will wonder were the time has gone. Enjoy the had and tried time and the good because like I told my girly last year just know you will have to give up one year of sleep. But it is so worth it. Now she is saying Mama time as gone to quick, and you will feel the same way so just enjoy your hubby and your babies. Thank God your Family is doing so well.

  64. Gail

    You got this! Just enjoy the blessing of those babies and know that God had it in His plan long before you even thought it possible. He is an awesome God!

  65. Michelle McCorkle

    Congratulations! It is totally understandable that you feel overwhelmed! It would be crazier if you didn’t! After 8 years and 3 kids (including 5 year old twins), I STILL feel like I’m figuring it out!! Be easy on yourself and know that all new moms feel exactly the same way as you, and new moms of twins feel doubly so! The good news is, the babies have no idea when we make mistakes ????. Just feed them, love them, and take care of yourself (in no particular order) and everything else falls into place.

  66. Daniela C.

    Congratulations! I 100% feel for you and wish our country was more realistic if the needs for new moms. We are all so tough on ourselves and need to learn that it’s perfectly fine to take a step back and relax for a minute. 
    Having a baby (babies) is one of the biggest changes you will ever experience and it can be very lonely as well – despite having a good support system. 
    Body and hormonal changes aren’t no joke and you have to cut yourself some slack!
    Be kind to yourself and do whatever it takes to make sure YOU are happy- a happy mom makes a happy baby (babies). Lots of hugs to you, you are an amazing, resilient woman and an amazing mother. Xoxox

    1. Lindsay

      You are so right – about all the changes and the lack of support and understanding for new moms. I’ve been very fortunate to have great help and understanding from those around us. Thank you!

  67. Shakira

    I am so overjoyed. Your boys are truly a blessing. I have followed your journey along the way and am excited for your family’s future. 

  68. Christina

    Congratulations on your very special delivery,
    Wishing all of you best health, Love and joy in this journey Called Life ❤️????????❤️

  69. Julie

    Congratulations on your precious sons and
    may God bless you and your beautiful family
    with the best of good health and happiness always!

  70. Pat

    I have a twin brother and I also have fraternal twin daughters. The twin were my “middle” children. I had a boy, 13 months old when the twins were born. Then a year and a day later had another boy. I have never been so busy!!! Best of luck to you.

  71. Eleanor Campbell

    It wasn’t an easy journey for you, but look at the wonderful outcome. The boys are beautiful. I enjoy reading your family stories and wish I had time to try more of your baking. Enjoy those babes. They grow up quickly. 
    Winnipeg, MB,Canada 

  72. Smilegirl

    Lindsay, congratulations again to you and your husband. I have enjoyed the Instagram posts (especially all the pumping! ;-))  Thank you for sharing your birth story with us and for being so honest.  My girls are six and three and I am still figuring out the whole life/mom balance.  No one quite prepares you for motherhood, but you are doing amazing!  Remember to be kind to yourself and know you have an entire village of moms that totally get what you are going through.  

  73. sally north

    So happy for both of you.  What wonderful picttures of your beautiful babies. Lots of love going your way.

  74. Dinah Roberts

    Congratulations on the babies!!!! They are adorable and I would just like to hold them and love on them a little….being a grandmother and my grandkids living in another state.

  75. Jen Chile

    Wow, having your hubs home for 5 weeks must have been amazing! Mine had to go to work when they were 3 days old and my parents left when they were a week old, so it was all me!

    Twins are such a gift. Mine are almost 4 and have the most beautiful relationship still!

  76. Debbie Dowling

    Thank you Lindsay for sharing pictures of the twins and your story. I found your blog before Christmas and have used several of your recipes. They all turned out delicious. I have been a stay at home wife, mother and grandmother for years. I love to try new recipes on my family. Yours have been great! I pray for healing for you and Ashton. I also pray that being a new mom and adjusting to your new lifestyle will come with ease. Don’t overdo…just some motherly advice 🙂 May God richly bless you and your family.

    1. Lindsay

      Thank you for the prayers, Debbie! And I’m so glad to hear you’ve enjoyed the recipes – that’s wonderful!

  77. Debbie Olson

    Congratulations on your double blessing! I am thankful with you that Ashton’s medical issue was discovered before you went home and that it’s controlled. Parenting is definitely not for the faint of heart, but God gives us grace. May He give you a LOT of it! ❤️

  78. Janet

    Sounds like you had a roller coaster ride! But sooooo worth it! Glad things all worked out and you are on the path to your new normal! And those boys are adorable! Happy snuggling! Enjoy every minute! 

  79. Yvonne

    Ah, congratulations. So happy for you. They’re beautiful baby boys. You are blessed and hope nothing but the best!

  80. Vivian

    Words cannot describe how happy I am for you and your husband. These boys are absolutely gorgeous! I know you will both be such wonderful and amazing parents to these sweet, little guys and after having raised four children myself, I can tell you that just as with most things you learn as you go and before you know it you won’t really recall what life was like before your children were born. I wish you both continued blessings and pray for much happiness, love, and laughter. And a very Happy Easter to you and your family!

  81. Karen

    I think the babies are beautiful and you are doing a great job. Take your time getting back into the swing of things.
    I am watching my 8 month old grandson and since I am an older grandmother, I find it difficult (tiring) but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It has been a long time since there was a baby in our family and it is wonderful. Keep us posted. Since we had this little wonder I am always looking at babies wherever we go. They bring such joy to your lives.

    1. Lindsay

      Thanks so much Karen! I imagine my mom would say the same thing – that it’s tiring. We are certainly enjoying the boys though!

  82. juliette

    Congratulations !

    They’re beautiful !

    I’m glad everybody is doing fine, you’re going to be great parents.

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