Baking Tools Every Baker Needs

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Everyone needs certain baking tools and appliances in his or her kitchen. These are my recommendations after years of baking and trying different things! From silicon spatulas to my favorite piping tips – I’m sharing all my favorite Baking Tools that Every Baker Needs!

Baking Tools Every Baker Needs

I’ve been cooking and baking for so many years now, and I’m so excited to share my kitchen essentials with you guys! These baking tools and appliances always come in handy to me, and I couldn’t imaging doing what I do without them. Enjoy!

Measuring and Utensils


One thing I simply couldn’t live without is my food scale. This OXO one is super easy to use and will show weight in grams and ounces.


When it comes to measuring cups, I have two sets that I use quite a bit. One is an OXO set that nests inside one another. It’s great for easy storing, but they are plastic, which is why I like this second set for things that might be heated.


While I don’t have this exact set, these measuring spoons are very similar and I love the stainless steel and long handles.

This next set of measuring cups are glass and nice and simple. No nooks or crannies for things to hide it, just easy to use.


While I don’t use my sifter terribly often, this one is really nice to have when I need it.


I use my cupcake scoop all the time. Every time I make cupcakes, in fact. This size is typically the perfect amount for filling my cupcake pans. Couldn’t live without it.


My 9 inch offset spatula is my best friend. I use it to spread frostings and whipped cream onto cakes, spread my cake batter evenly into my cake pans, anything I can. While you can also find the larger 13 inch offset spatula, I feel like I have much better control with the smaller one.

I’m sure it won’t surprise you to know that I have about a million silicon spatulas. After using many, I now only buy spatulas with a stainless steel handle instead of wood (which discolors and wears down) and one without any ridges or anything on the actual head of the spatula. Batter gets caught in those little ridges and it drives my perfectionist self crazy. I’ve got several of these silicon spatulas and love them.


I’ve got two sets of mixing bowls that I like to use most. One is this KitchenAid mixing bowl set. The sizes are nice and I love the non-skid bottom.

My other set is these glass bowls. So many different sizes that are lovely and they are great in the microwave.

Baking Pans

The photos above are all clickable.


Above are the ones I use most – 8 and 9 inch cake pans, a 9×13 cake pan, a sheet pan and cupcake pans. If you’re looking for a recommendation for another size or shape, let me know. These are just my most used. As for a springform pan, I honestly can’t recommend one. They ALL leak, with few exceptions. I have one that doesn’t leak so I bought several more and brought them home, but when I tested them with water, every single other one leaked. The one I have that doesn’t is an anomaly. Instead, I have a method for preventing leakage and have actually been using this silicone pan and placing my springform pan inside of it when doing a water bath. It prevents any leaking and is easy to use.


Not a glamorous thing here, but I use these cardboard cake circles for all of my cakes. It allows me to decorate my cake on a turntable and then transfer it to the cake stand of my choice.


The next two go hand in hand. A good cookie sheet is necessary and a silicone baking mat to keep your cookies from sticking.

Stacking and Decorating Tools


This cake lifter is really nice to have when working with thin and/or tender layers of cake. You can move your layers around without fear of dropping or breaking them. A nice tool to have handy.


A sharp, long serrated knife is wonderful for trimming and torting cakes. This one is definitely like having a samurai sword, but the sucker works. And if you want something a little smaller, there’s a smaller version there as well.


This turntable is inexpensive and works well. I’ve tried the more expensive options out there and while they are certainly heavier weight, they don’t necessarily work any better in my opinion.


If you have any interest in making chocolate drip cakes, you’ll want a squeeze bottle. It just makes life easier.

The photos above are all clickable.

Above are my favorite piping tips. The first four are great for piping frosting onto cupcakes or borders onto cakes. The piping bag shown is nice and big to hold all your frosting and is reusable. The last piping tip is what I use for

The photos above are all clickable.

These are my tools for frosting a smooth cake with buttercream. I use them all the time and love them. They are must-have items for me.

Additional Tools and Carriers


I couldn’t live without my tall cake carrier. I have 4 and regularly consider buying one or two more. However my favorite has been unavailable online for a while now. However, this cake carrier is a good option. And if you’re looking for something taller, I like this one.


I have several filled cupcake recipes and don’t like dealing with a knife to cut those holes. This cupcake corer comes with two sizes, which is nice.


I use my food processor all the time for grinding Oreos for crusts, making fruit purees, all kinds of things. This KitchenAid food processor is small and easy to store, which I’m a fan of.

My KitchenAid stand mixer rarely goes a day without use. I love it, naturally.

And there you have it – my favorite and most used tools for baking! I hope it’s helpful! If you ever need any other recommendations, just let me know. Happy Baking!


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