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The time is finally here! My cookbook is off to the printers and I’m ready to share all the fun details with you! It’s hard to believe it, but let’s do this. πŸ™‚

You may remember that I announced me cookbook last year and have talked about it occasionally since then. Well get ready, because I’m going to be talking about it plenty over the next several months. The first thing you need to know is the title. I don’t think I’ve shared it previously, so here it is – Simply Beautiful Homemade Cakes: Extraordinary Recipes and Easy Decorating Techniques. It’s full of 65 new recipes (including cookie cakes, single layer cakes, cupcakes, layered cakes, ice cream cakes, cheesecakes and more!) and an entire chapter showing you all the tips, tricks and techniques I used to bake and decorate the cakes in the book! Everything from setting up cake pans and piping bags to 15+ tutorials showing you the decorating techniques used in the book. You can officially pre-order it at any of these fine retailers. πŸ™‚

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Books A Million | Indie Bound

The official release date is October 25 – just in time for all of your holiday baking. There’s even a holiday chapter! The image below is the official cover. I only took about 500,000 photos to get that one. πŸ™‚

Cookbook: Simply Beautiful Homemade Cakes by Lindsay Conchar of Life, Love and Sugar

So let’s back up a bit. Because I’ve been working on this baby since about April of 2015. That is some time, my friends. I can’t even tell you how much butter, sugar, flour, time and everything else went into the making of this cookbook. Not to mention the loss of sleep that it was responsible for. πŸ™‚ It was a labor of love that I thought might kill me at times, but the truth is – all of you who read this blog were the motivation for me to finish this book and have it be the best it could be. Without a doubt, this book is for you.

Whether you’ve been reading my little space here on the internet for 1 week, or for the full 4 years that I’ve been blogging, I appreciate you. And I love all the feedback – emails, comments, shares and interactions on social media, etc. I may not always be able to respond to everything, but I take all the feedback and use it to consistently work harder and bring you bigger and better desserts. Part of the reason this book means so much to me is because it was written with all of your feedback in mind. The whole time I was writing it, I was very focused on how all the pieces went together to make it a wonderful guide to making beautiful cakes that (hopefully!) anyone can follow.

I tried to make this cookbook in such a way that it would be useful to people of all skill levels. If you are a beginner, this book is great for you. It walks you through the basics while also giving you space to grow your skills as you get more comfortable. For those that know the basics well, there are 15+ tutorials showing you techniques and tips so you can grow and perfect your skills. The tutorials chapter is even set up so that if you want to focus on particular technique, it’ll show you how to do it and then give you a list of all the cakes that use that technique and what page you can find it on so you can practice on the same cakes I did. Not to mention that you could take any cake in the book and apply any technique you’d like. There are so many possibilities – you are limited only by your imagination! And if you have absolutely no desire to acquire any kind of skills, you can ignore that chapter and focus on 65 DELICIOUS recipes! πŸ™‚ I really am happy with the way it’s all come together and I’m so excited to share it with you!

Collage of desserts from cookbook

And speaking of the recipes, don’t assume the whole cookbook is layer cakes just because that’s what’s on the cover. It’s full of all kinds of cake! Let’s break down the chapters:

Chapter 1: The Best First Steps to a Beautiful Cake
Chapter 2: Grand Simplicity – Icebox Cakes, Cookie Cakes and Single Layer Cakes
Chapter 3: Delightful Little Bites – Cupcakes
Chapter 4: Towering Beauties – Layered Cakes
Chapter 5: Lovely Frozen Treats – Ice Cream Cakes
Chapter 6: Marvelous Sweets – Cheesecakes
Chapter 7: Dress Up the Season – A Variety of Cakes for Your Favorite Holidays
Chapter 8: Decorating Tips and Tutorials That Take Your Cake from Average to Beautiful

So much great content in one cookbook! A few recipes that I’m especially excited about (pictured above):

White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cupcakes
Bourbon Spice Toffee Layer Cake
Bananas Foster Cheesecake

And so many more!

To celebrate the fact that this cookbook is just over 2 MONTHS away from being released and that you can pre-order it, I’ve got a giveaway for you! Let’s get this party started! There will be another giveaway coming, but this time around I’ve got all kinds of baking supplies for you. Here’s what’s included:

8×2 inch cake pan
8×3 inch cake pan
Cake Smoother & Decorating Comb
7 of my Favorite Icing Tips
3 Piping Bags
Offset Spatula
Bench Scraper
2 Sets of Sprinkles
Icing Color Gel
Cake Stand
Cupcake Notepad
Buttercream Icing Scented Candle

Be sure to preorder the cookbook at one of these great locations and then enter giveaway below! Woot woot!

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Books A Million | Indie Bound

And last, but certainly not least, I want to say thank you to everyone who volunteered to help test recipes several months ago. I was shocked at the number of people who wanted to help and unfortunately wasn’t able to send something to everyone. Just know that I appreciate every single one of you – thank you!

Blog giveaway items for cake decorating

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Preorder the cookbook here:

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Books A Million | Indie Bound

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  1. Lisa

    Hi! I absolutely LOVE your book! I have made about a dozen or so of the cakes in here and they turn out phenomenal every time!
    I just need a little help. I want to take your Samoa cake and turn it into cupcakes (Samoa is my dad’s FAVORITE but its cupcakes for a birthday party with 60+ people are much easier than a traditional cake). Any suggestions on how I would alter the recipe to make these? I love that this recipe doesn’t have an actual Samoa cookie on them. I think they are much more elegant without it πŸ™‚ I hope to hear back from you soon!!

    1. Lindsay

      I think I responded to this question somewhere else, but can’t remember for sure (sorry, things aren’t that easy to find on the backend). If I didn’t answer it though, let me know and I can. I’m so glad to hear you’ve enjoyed the book! Thanks Lisa!

  2. Julia

    Hi, I’ve just purchased your amazing book in England and its amazing. So many recipe books are filled with things I would never made so finding your book is perfect. I don’t think there is a single recipe I would want to skip. Anything with Peanut Butter and my daughters choice of Red Velvet since discovering her love for it in Disney World are top of the must do list.Β 

    Thanks again Lindsay and best wishes to you and your family for the safe arrival of your twins.Β 

  3. Narcisa

    Hi Lindsay!! I am new to the whole baking part of my life.. I just started really getting into it this past week, when my husband picked a few apples from some old apple trees in our backyard and asked why I don’t bake him an Apple pie??? So being a loving wife, I volunteered to bake him one and I decided why not bake him that coffee cake he has been asking for? I have put together your raspberry cream cheese coffee cake and am dying to take it out once it’s baked and slice it up!! I used frozen raspberries since that is what I had handy. I literally saved my cup of coffee for it! Lol. I am grateful that you have made your recipe easy to follow, I am also looking into buying your book, which I need to fly by my hubby, but it shouldn’t be a problem bcuz I’m sure it will be something I will love just as much as you do. Thank you for your hard work! God bless you and yours!!Β 

  4. Rachel

    Hi! I just found this website recently when I was looking for a vanilla layer cake.
    I’ll admit. it was the Sugar in your website that drew me πŸ™‚ These days it’s all sugar/butter free πŸ™ BRING IN THE SWEETS, I SAY!

    Since then, I’ve been scouring your website, loving all the gorgeous treats you make! They all look so good.
    Sorry to hear I missed the giveaway, but I just order your book. Congrats! Looks amazing.

  5. Charryse

    Hi Lindsay! I ordered your cookbook and I’m excited to try my first layer cake – strawberries and cream. I noticed that the equipment list in the beginning of the book you mention four 8×2″ round cake pans and one 8×3″ cake pan. In the layer cake recipes you just mention to use an 8″ pan. Should I be using the 8×2″ or 8×3″ for layer cakes?

    1. Lindsay

      You can use either for the layer cakes. Both work great. The main reason for the 8×3 is for layering the ice cream cakes within a tall pan. I hope you enjoy the cake and book! πŸ™‚

  6. Christiana Lanna

    I pre ordered mu copy and it has already arived here in Brazil sent by amazon ! Uhu ! I’m a big fan . Congratulations! The book is wonderfull ????????????????????
    One question, whats the diference between The Best chocolate cake that is on your site and the one on the book ? I Love the one of the site Ana have as the best one ever so a got ” confused ” when o saw a diferente one here.
    Thanks and big kiss from Rio de janeiro

  7. nelsy gomez gonzalez

    I just subscribed to your page … your tits are very nice. Thank you for showing us how to decorate perfectly. Extraordinary work.

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