Best Chocolate Cake

This Chocolate Cake is seriously the best chocolate cake you’ll ever make. I absolutely love it. So moist and chocolatey! It totally turned me into a chocolate cake lover!

Best Chocolate Cake - incredibly moist and chocolatey!
Best Chocolate Cake - incredibly moist and chocolatey!

So when I said that this cake turned me into a chocolate cake lover, were you wondering if I wasn’t before? Well, it’s true. I wasn’t. Growing up, I was more of a vanilla or other fun flavor kinda kid. I think it’s because store-bought chocolate cakes just do not compare to homemade. I don’t bother with them. Not chocolatey enough.

But once I made this for the first time a fews years, my chocolate world came right. I literally cannot stop eating this cake every time I make it. It is so moist and chocolatey, it should be illegal.

Best Chocolate Cake - incredibly moist and chocolatey!
Best Chocolate Cake - incredibly moist and chocolatey!

I actually made it again last week for another cake creation and even when I cut the domes off the top, I keep them and eat them. No part of a cake this good should ever go to waste! I offered the hubs a bite, and he took one, but then didn’t want anymore. His ability to resist sweets is inhuman.

But then he came back to me later wanting some. He was all, “where’s the chocolate cake?” and I was all “there wasn’t that much and you declined. I ate it. You snooze, you loose, my friend.”

Best Chocolate Cake - incredibly moist and chocolatey!
Best Chocolate Cake - incredibly moist and chocolatey!

And I know there are like, a bagillion chocolate cake recipes out there, but seriously. This is a must try. And I really recommend using the dark chocolate cocoa, instead of regular cocoa. It adds such a deep chocolate flavor. Unlike biting into a piece of dark chocolate candy, it’s not bitter at all in cake with all the added sugar. :)

Plus, like all terrifically easy cakes, you only need one bowl! I LOVE easy!

Be prepared though, it is a very thin batter. And no, it’s not a typo down there. It’s a slow-bake cake and bakes at 300 degrees – crazy stuff!

I made it for my niece’s birthday last year, by request. Like I said, it’s a favorite.

Well, when it was served, one of the moms asked my sister-in-law where she’d gotten the cake. She pointed at me and the mom came over to ask me about it. Turns out she has two restaurants in Atlanta and was curious if I’d be interested in making cakes for her restaurant.


Best Chocolate Cake - incredibly moist and chocolatey!
Best Chocolate Cake - incredibly moist and chocolatey!

Pretty neato, but I actually said no. Between working full-time, blogging and having some semblance of a life, I’ve got little time for anything else. Sure I could’ve taken time away from something else to do it, but the great thing about blogging is that it’s on my time, not someone else’s. At least, for the most part.

But the point is – this cake is THAT good! Make it and you just might be asked to bake for a restaurant. And whether you want to actually do that or not, don’t you want to be the one with a cake that’s so could you could bake for a restaurant? You know you do. :)

Best Chocolate Cake - incredibly moist and chocolatey!

Best Chocolate Cake

Yield: 3 layer 8 inch cake


Chocolate Cake
2 cups flour
2 cups sugar
3/4 cup Hershey’s Special Dark Cocoa powder
2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
2 large eggs
1 cup buttermilk
1 cup vegetable oil
1 1/2 tsp vanilla
1 cup boiling water

Chocolate Icing
1 1/4 cups butter
1 1/4 cups shortening
9 cups powdered sugar
2 tsp vanilla extract
1 cup Hershey’s Special Dark Cocoa powder
4-5 tbsp water/milk


1. Prepare three 8 inch cake pans with parchment paper circles in the bottom, and grease the sides.
2. Add all dry ingredients to a large bowl and whisk together.
3. Add eggs, buttermilk and vegetable oil to the dry ingredients and mix well.
4. Add vanilla to boiling water and add to mixture. Mix well.
5. Pour into three 8 inch cakes pans and bake at 300 degrees for about 30-33 minutes, or until a toothpick comes out with a few crumbs.
6. Remove cakes from oven and allow to cool for about 10 minutes, then remove to cooling racks to cool completely.
7. Make icing while cakes cool. Beat together butter and shortening until smooth.
8. Slowly add 4 cups of powdered sugar and mix until smooth.
9. Add vanilla and 1-2 tbsp water or milk and mix until smooth.
10. Add another 5 cups of powdered sugar and mix until smooth.
11. Add cocoa and mix until smooth.
12. Add more water or milk until the right consistency.
13. Once cakes are cool, remove cake domes from top with a large serrated knife.
14. Place first layer of cake on cake plate. Spread about 3/4 cup of icing on top in an even layer.
15. Add second layer of cake and add another 3/4 cup of icing on top in an even layer.
16. Add final layer of cake on top and ice the outside of the cake.
17. Finish of with sprinkles or other decoration.
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  1. WOWZA!!! This cake looks so yummy!! I am glad I do not have this cake here right now because I think I would eat a slice for breakfast. Have a beautiful day!! Thanks for the great giveaways and congrats on the blog anniversary!!

    • says:

      Thank you so much Janet! So glad you are liking the giveaways! Good luck in them!

      • I made this as a cake before and it was delicious! I was going to try to make cupcakes out of this recipe instead, would you happen to have any suggestions on how to change the baking time/temp for this?

  2. This chocolate cake is beyond amazing. No wonder you got offered a job!
    How do men eat one bite of cake and walk away? How?!
    Mir recently posted…Birthday Cake Mini-CheesecakesMy Profile

  3. Lindsay, Happy Blogiversary! I will definitely keep this recipe handy, but I don’t think mine would turn out as pretty as yours. Seriously friend, you are talented!
    Beth @ The First Year recently posted…Chocolate Bowls with Peanut Butter Mousse, Peanut Butter Cup Crumbles and a Chocolate Dipped PretzelMy Profile

  4. Hi Lindsay, Happy Blogiversary. This looks like heaven on earth… I am going to try this the weekend. I just want to check with you on the oven temperature and baking time. You mention in the recipe that you bake at 300 degrees for 30-33 minutes. Then you mention bake for 45-50 minutes. Do I understand correctly that the 45-50 minutes is at a different temperature ?(after the 30 minutes @ 300 degrees) At what degree do you bake it for this period? Also, in case I use regular coco powder (not the dark chocolate) – is there a change in the quantity or do you use the same amount?

    • says:

      Hi Marinka! Thank you for pointing that out – it’s baked at 300 degrees for 30-33 minutes. The 45-50 minutes was a carryover from something else and I missed it. It’s gone now. :) Enjoy the cake!

      • Hi, I’m not much of a baker, but I really want to make this chocolate cake. I know this is gonna be a stupid question, but is the flour self rising or not?

  5. Oh my, that cake is just screaming chocolately deliciousness! I love all of your tall layer cakes and your pictures are just amazing!
    Heather @ Shards of Lavender recently posted…Jungle Jim’s International Market {Eastgate}, Part 1My Profile

  6. That looks delicious! I definitely want to try this soon!

  7. Get outta here1!! If you tell me that you have some of this cake in the fridge at work, then I will be in my car in the next 10 minutes. This looks AMAZING!!! Pinned. I’ve never slow baked a cake before, so that needs to happen in my kitchen asap. One bite?!?! Inhuman is right.
    Lindsey @ American Heritage Cooking recently posted…Healthy Tropical Oat Bars {Vegan, GF Option}My Profile

    • says:

      Thanks Lindsey! I actually made this cake a while ago and held onto it for this occasion. :) New things the fridge constantly!

  8. Hi Lindsay! I just discovered your blog today and WOW! I kinda love/hate you for all the yummy temptations!! I just wanted to say that this cake, and the frosting job, look freaking amazing. Kudos to you and keep up the good work!! :)
    Jaida (Sweet Beginnings) recently posted…Taco Tuesday: Crispy Chipotle Shrimp Tacos with Chipotle Lime SauceMy Profile

    • says:

      Thanks so much Jaida! I have a love/hate relationship with the temptations I bake too. 😉

  9. Holy Shiz this cake is down right amazing. I am making this for Dell for our anniversary in September!
    Julianne @ Beyond Frosting recently posted…No-Churn Cake Batter Cookie Dough Ice CreamMy Profile

  10. Happy 2 years! I am also usually a vanilla cake person but, usually when I am craving chocolate, I want SO. MUCH. CHOCOLATE. and this cake looks perfectly chocolately! Love it!
    Michelle @My California Kitchen recently posted…Biscoff-Filled Browned Butter S’mores CookiesMy Profile

  11. Happy Anniversary

  12. Happy Blogiversary!! :) That cake looks amazing!!! Definitely going on my must-do-list! :)
    And the giveaway sounds amazing, too, of course! Would love to win!!
    Sandra Klary recently posted…In not even 1 monthMy Profile

  13. this is the most beautiful cake I’ve ever seen. WOW!
    Angelyn @ Everyday Desserts recently posted…Toasted Marshmallow BlondiesMy Profile

  14. Looks awesome and super chocolatey.

  15. This really DOES look like the best chocolate cake! And my husband is the same – he can totally turn down cake/sweets while I’m sitting there stuffing my face. So not fair. Thanks for letting me in on the giveaway! xo
    Ashley @ Kitchen Meets Girl recently posted…French Breakfast PuffsMy Profile

  16. I will totally be trying this!!!

  17. Congratulations on the blog anniversary Lindsay!!! I am drooling over the cake!!!

  18. Carol Kemp says:

    Looks so yummy. Must make.

  19. Happy Blogiversary! Need to carve out some time to prepare this. My coworkers will be happy

  20. Denise Gilbert says:

    Wow! Talk about chocolate overload!! This cake sounds amazing!

  21. Your treats look delish!

  22. That looks insanely delicious!! I have a really bad habit of eating all the cake domes I cut off or cube up for a trifle!! Pinned!
    Jaren (Diary of a Recipe Collector) recently posted…Patty MeltsMy Profile

  23. what frosting tip did you use for the top?

  24. Hi!!
    What can I put instead of Hershey’s powder and buttermilk? Because I don’t have them in my country….

    • says:

      Any kind of cocoa powder you have access to should work, and you can replace the buttermilk with regular milk. Enjoy!

  25. Girl this cake will be haunting my dreams!!!! And I can’t believe you have only been haunting this blog space for 2 years. You are a true star, professional and amazing baker who I am so glad to know and call my friend! I am so excited for all of your success and I know it will only get better!
    Jocelyn (Grandbaby Cakes) recently posted…Plum Nectarine GaletteMy Profile

  26. Have you ever replaced the hot water with hot coffee? My current favorite recipe does that and it has a very nice rich flavor.

    • says:

      I don’t think I have done that in this recipe, but I’ve done it in others. You certainly could in this one too, however it is quite rich already. :)

    • I have a very similar recipe that uses brewed coffee I stead of the water, and it’s fabulous!

  27. I am so glad I stumbled upon your website. I have been on the look out for a great chocolate cake. I have tried many homemade chocolate cakes but they don’t seem to do the trick for me. I can’t wait to try it because it may be “the one”. Thank you for being so generous and sharing your recipes. Happy Blogiversary!!!

  28. Although I could really use that gift card, I really can’t wait to try a vegan version of these delicious looking cakes. Simply devine

  29. I love you Recipes and pics I tired One Recipe with my mum it was sooo yummy and delicious.
    I can’t speak english soo good that Is why I can’t Write everything what I want to to say but happ Blog Birthday and happy Anniversary!
    P.s. I’m from Germany 😉
    Loveyourblog recently posted…Best Chocolate Cake and Blogiversary iPad Mini or $300 Amazon Gift Card GiveawayMy Profile

  30. This looks like the BEST chocolate cake. Oh the darkness of it! I’m drooling. Pinned!
    Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust recently posted…Brownie Cookies from scratchMy Profile

  31. Happy 2nd blogiversary! AND this cake looks ah-mazing! I’m just starting out and can only hope to have a blog as beautiful as yours one day :)
    I’d love to pick your brain sometime and maybe get some advice?
    Sharon | What The Fork Food Blog recently posted…Peach Pie Overnight OatsMy Profile

  32. Oh my god! This looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I’m definitely going to try this, thanks for sharing! Pinned!
    Manali @ CookWithManali recently posted…Whole Wheat Pita BreadMy Profile

  33. I’m curious about the 9 cups of sugar…isn’t that a tad bit too much? I feel like everytime I work with powdered sugar it comes out overwhelmingly sweet.

    • says:

      The standard amount of powdered sugar for buttercream is 4 cups per 1 cup of butter/shortening. You can use less, but it will decrease the volume of icing. I believe I used most of the icing for this cake.

  34. Yezmin Parziale says:

    Lindsay, Happy Blogiversary! :)

  35. Amazing on soooo many levels. I can’t seem to leave your blog. . LOVE this cake!
    Alice // Hip Foodie Mom recently posted…The Best Toast You’ll Ever HaveMy Profile

  36. This is in my oven right now! Will let you know after dinner how everyone liked it. The house sure smells delicious.

  37. YUM-MERS!!! can’t wait to try it. Can you only use this recipe for 3 8inch pans? or could you use it in a bigger cake pan and cut levels with a knife? I’m trying to make a tiered cake for my niece’s Sweet Fifteenth and I am so not a professional baker. I have a square cake pan for the bottom, round for 2nd tier and a heart for the top… I thought I’d make them and cut them into 3 levels each and use a strawberry mousse frosting in between. Am I crazy? Can I do this? I thought I’d give it a try with your delicious looking and easy recipe here. Any tips would be appreciated!

    • says:

      Yes, you use other size cake pans, you just might need to adjust the amount of batter. I’ve used it in layered cakes before though – it holds up well.

  38. Hi. Did you choose a winner for this?

  39. This looks amazing! Think I will try it for hubby who LOVES chocolate cake! (He could probably eat the whole cake and he would still be “turn him sideways and mark him absent” thin. So jealous!, I just need to look at it and I’ve put weight on). One question though, can I substitute shortening for butter? If so is it still the 1 1/4 cup? To be honest, I don’t even know what shortening is, we don’t tend to have it in recipes in New Zealand.

    • says:

      My husband is the same way – never gains a pound! Not fair. :) You can definitely use all butter in the icing. You’ll use 2 1/2 cups total of butter.

  40. This cake is yummy!! It’s the recipe I use too. I read once that this is a very old Hershey’s recipe. Very popular.

  41. This cake looks incredible! I am wondering what the baking time would be for cupcakes. I usually bake them at 325 for about 18 minutes.

  42. This is almost exactly the recipe my mom had and I’ve been making for 35 yrs starting with my first failed attempt at 10 or 11. Back then she used shortening but I use only butter. It is the best chocolate cake recipe ever!

  43. This cake looks wonderful!!!!
    My question is if i use tihis chocolate icing can i cover with fondant?
    I have to make a chocolate cake with a chocolate icing i like to try your recipe!!
    Thank You

    • says:

      Yes, you can cover this icing with fondant. I have done it before. If you want really sharp edges though, I think ganache works best under fondant.

  44. I like to make this cake on the weekend
    If i baking in a 8×12 pan
    Can you let me know how long i should bake???
    Thank you!!!

  45. Hi can you bake it as one cake or is best too use the three tins

    • says:

      I’d recommend at least using two pans. I’m not sure how it’d bake all in one 8 inch pan. You could do it as one layer in a larger pan – maybe a 12 inch?

  46. Debbie Bosshart says:

    Did you use cake flour or all purpose flour???

    • says:

      You can actually use either without changing anything else. I’ve used both, but I used all purpose flour for the one in the photos.

  47. Aileen atinaja says:

    Happy blogiversary Lindsay…Thanks for sharing your recipes to your readers…They all look heavenly delicious and doable… Makes me want to try and bake them all!

  48. Hi i am surprized it doesnt have any baking powder .unless u use the cake flour and i dont think i read that.!!can u plz specify what us youe leavining agent to raise rhe cake??

  49. I made this cake without the icing and it was amazing! It was very rich and moist. It was a hit with everyone.

  50. So, I’ve got this co-worker that makes the most amazing baked goods – so amazing that when she bought a new house, the only fitting house-warming gift we thought appropriate was a new Kitchen-aid Mixer. Why am I telling you this? Because she always makes obnoxiously amazing baked goodies for each of our birthdays. When it came to her birthday, I knew I had to make something amazing for her. It was getting close, and I was at a loss. The other day, I found this cake in my FB feed, I knew I had to make it! This weekend, I made the cake and brought it in this morning. To say people loved it is an understatement. Most of the words used were 4 letters words and not PG-13 (but in a totally good way! ) Here are a couple I can repeat: “Sweet Jesus!! Your cake is awesome!” and “I will have dreams of that cake .. . . just perfect.”. I already have about a dozen “orders” for upcoming birthdays. So, thank you for helping me make a cake that is amazing enough to show my friend how amazing she is.

    • says:

      What a great review Stacey! :) I’m so glad everyone loved it and you were able to share it with your friend!

  51. Hi, I’m from Australia and wanted to clarify if it was 300 degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit? The cake looks great!


    • says:

      Hi Lisa! It is Fahrenheit. :)

    • 300 degrees CELSIUS?! Are you serious?

      • says:

        It’s actually in fahrenheit.

        • Wow. That was sarcasm when I replied “CELSIUS” and “Are you serious.? I’m not an idiot. Someone else asked previously if the temperature you listed was Celsius or Fahrenheit, trying to make you feel bad for omitting the “F,” when it could not possibly have been Celsius. If it was Celsius it would have been 572 degrees F. So you missed the entire reason for my reply. :o(

          • says:

            Sorry I missed your joke Camellia. I do sometimes get questions that I’m not sure if they are joking or not and I certainly don’t want to insult anyone.

  52. Hey! I absolutely love your site and I just made the cake and the flavours are great but the cake just fell apart when I was frosting it. I don’t know what happened. One second everything is fine as I am frosting and the next second, boom, it’s falling apart. If you could please help me figure out what I did wrong?
    P.S. If I haven’t mentioned how much I love your website, I have to say I absolutely adore it.

    • says:

      Thank you Amna! I’m glad you enjoy the site. I’m so sorry you had trouble with the cake. It’s definitely a moist one. When you say it fell apart, what do you mean? Did the cake split? If so, did you cut the domes off of the layers?

  53. I just came across your blog and saw this amazing cake. I will be making it ASAP! How, oh how, do you get your icing so smooth and the edge so sharp?!?

  54. Hi! I would like to ask you some questions! May I know what flour to use, all purpose flour or cake flour? Can I replace shortening with butter instead? How long do I have to bake if I am using only 2 cake pans? I really like your recipe, can’t wait to make this heavenly cake! :)

    • says:

      Hi Patty! You can actually use all purpose or cake flour. I’ve used both and they both work great. You don’t have to change anything. The version in the photos is all purpose flour though. You can replace the shortening in the icing with butter, if you prefer. If only using 2 cake pans, I believe you’ll bake them for 45-50 minutes, but it could be a touch longer.

  55. Hi! Congrats on the anniversary. I was wondering why the shortening in the frosting versus butter? Is it taste, texture or ability to store cake at room temperature longer. Also, how do you store it? Have you ever made this the day before the event? Thanks!

    • says:

      I personally prefer the taste. I think all butter tastes too buttery. But I also like the shortening because at warmer temperatures, it won’t melt as quickly and holds up better. Before icing a cake, I usually store it in the fridge, but once on a cake or cupcakes, I leave it out since I don’t like to refrigerate my cakes. And yes, this cake is very moist, so it can be made a day or two ahead of time and still be moist and fresh.

      • Hi! Just made it. Made cupcakes and it yields appx. 30 cupcakes filled 3/4 way. The batter was very runny and cake didn’t rise really. Baked at 300 for 20 min. But, the cake was so yummy that my two kids killed 6 of them before they cooled or had frosting on it. The frosting was abundant for cupcakes, I would half it. Everyone said the frosting was way too sweet. I only used 8 cups too. How can you make it less sweet? Thank you!

    • Butter flavored shortening is a great compromise.

  56. I don’t eat cake too often because I’d be as big as a house. But when I do, I love a simple homemade recipe using fine ingredients. So I must try this!

    Great blog, Lindsay. If I could eat sweets and still look like you I’d make them a staple and not just a treat!
    Debra Turner recently posted…My Best Bean SoupMy Profile

    • says:

      Thanks so much Debra! I definitely have to get my butt to the gym regularly, or I’d be the size of a house! :)

  57. Sherrie D. says:

    Made this cake a couple of days ago and the husband and I have almost completely finished it! This will definitely be my go-to recipe for chocolate from now on! We love it!

  58. I make this same cake but use regular milk and hot coffee instead of hot water, well I guess it is not the same but everything else is exact, great cake

  59. I made this cake for my birthday and it has to be my favorite homemade cake ever! The frosting is just delicious!!

  60. Do you handmix this batter, or do you use an electric mixer?

  61. I have been looking for a good chocolate cake recipe. All the ones I make turn out so light, not dark and rich looking like this one. Can’t wait to make it and devour it with my bare hands!!!!

    Thanks for a great recipe!
    Jennifer Stewart recently posted…Toasted Sesame Wasabi BitesMy Profile

  62. I learned from a well known NY baker that after you take your cakes out of the oven, immediately use a clean towel, place it over the cake pan and gently press down the raised dome on the cake until it is even. Works every time and no cutting is required. Thought I would share this.

  63. Yesss!! I have been looking for a recipe as close to my bf’s old family recipe for hot water cake. We have never used boiling water, simply hot water from the spicket, but I will boil it, don’t wanna mess up. I am so mad can not find where I scribbled the family recipe. Only thing, I am going to use olive oil, don’t have vegtable oil. Should be alright, I often do that.

  64. If I only add 4 c of powdered sugar, would the butter and shortening need to be adjusted also?

    • says:

      Yes, you’d probably want to cut the recipe for the butter and shortening in half then. The powdered sugar is what gives the icing it’s volume, so if you only use 4 cups, you probably won’t have enough icing to fully ice the cake, unless it’s a very, very thin layer.

      • I just made this recipe but made cupcakes…..they are so Making a cake tomorrow, but was curious if you have a whipped chocolate icing recipe that would taste good. I have some family who don’t like the taste of shortening in butter cream and prefer a light, but chocolaty icing.

  65. Lindsay, I just want to say that I used this recipe to make cupcakes tonight and they turned out FABULOUS!!!!! They are so moist and really don’t even need frosting!!! This is definitely my permanent chocolate cake recipe from now on!!!! I am trying to start my own cake making business out of my home and this recipe just boosted my confidence…….this coming from a girl who never made a cake from scratch, but not anymore!!!!!My mom used to have her cake business and I can’t wait until she tastes your recipe!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  66. this looks delicious! I was wondering if instead of making a cake I could do cupcakes with this recipe? How long should they be in for? I’m making them for a wedding shower.

  67. Lindsey, I liked your chocolate cake recipe so well was wondering if you have yellow cake or white cake recipe also? If they are as good as this chocolate recipe then I would love to have both please. Thanks in advance!

    • says:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I have a vanilla cupcake and yellow cupcake – both can be made as a cake as well, you’ll just probably want to double the recipe. :)

  68. I saw the Picture and just HAD to bake ist and oh god it was sooooo delicious. my husband almost died, he ate all of it haha 😀
    and I bake it twice(cus i made a double layer for my hubbys fathers birthday) and allthough the dark chocolate tastet sooo good (and my god i landed in heaven) i had to use normal cocoa powder that I use for my daughter it STILL tasted great!

    So my question, I`d like to share this in german, and i would of course set in your webpage and there wouldn´t be a question that this is your creation. Would you mind terrebly?

    sincerest Adoration

  69. I can’t find the actual recipe on this post. It looks delicious & I would love to have the recipe. Thanks.

    • says:

      Hi Susan! I’m not sure why you’re unable to see the recipe – I can see it fine. I will email it to the email address associated with the comment you left though. Just let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

  70. Andrew Gerstmayr says:

    I’m asking for my wife who pinned this article because she wanted to use the recipe, but she told me this morning that the recipe is no longer in the article. I’m noticing the same thing now myself? Can some one help us out here and post the recipe for this chocolate cake as a reply?

    • says:

      Hi Andrew! I’m not sure why you’re having trouble seeing it, but I’ll go ahead and email it to you. Thanks!

  71. angelica juleş says:

    Would you please make a nutella version of this cake I would love to make it for
    My sixteenth birthday!

  72. Hi Lindsay! I was wondering, could you use your chocolate cake recipe and and make a vanilla cake out of it by omitting the cocoa. I love your chocolate cake recipe and no other vanilla cake recipe comes even close to being that good!!! Thanks in advance!!

    • says:

      I’m so glad you like the cake Nicole! I’ve had the same thought before, but unfortunately it isn’t very good without the cocoa. The oil really comes through and ends up not tasting so great. Have you tried my vanilla cupcake recipe? If you double it, it makes a very good cake. Though it is denser than this one. I’m actually in the process of testing more vanilla recipes to *hopefully* get a vanilla cake that’s just as good as this one. Hopefully I get it soon! :)

  73. Hi!

    I don’t have dark chocolate cocoa powder. Will regular unsweetened cocoa powder work?

    Thank you so much! Can’t wait to try this out!

  74. I made this for a birthday cake for my Uncle on Friday and it came out sooo good that Im going to be making it today again for the Super Bowl for my party! Thank you for sharing!!

  75. Made this cake for Super Bowl! This is my new chocolate cake recipe! I might double it next time because I like my cakes a little thicker. I used 3 8 in cake pans and they were done in 25 minute!

  76. I only have 9-inch pans. Can I use this instead? Thanks!

    • says:

      Yes, but if you use three 9 inch pans, you’ll probably need to reduce the baking time a bit. Probably around 25 minutes.

  77. Can I substitute the Hershey’s cocoa powder with regular unsweetened cocoa powder?

  78. Hi Lindsay!!
    I’m make my daughter’s birthday cake next week and I need to know if I should double you chocolate cake recipe. I’m using a half sheet pan. I’ve only made your recipe as cupcakes. Thanks! Nicole

  79. HELP!!! What am I doing wrong??? 300 degrees for the specified time, the cake was not nearly done. It had to cook for about an hour and the cake turned out gummy. What might I have done??? Been cooking for 60 years, so it is not like I am a beginner at trying new recipes. Any suggestions??

    • says:

      Hmm, it’s really hard for me to say. I’m sorry it didn’t turn out. I’ve made it more times that I can count without a problem. Maybe some of the ingredients were off?

  80. Hi Lindsay
    I really want to make this cake but I only have cake flour.
    Can I use 2 cups of cake flour instead of all purpose flour or should I use 2 cups of cake flour plus 2 Tbsp of cake flour?
    And would I have to sift the cake flour.
    Thanks for your help

    • says:

      You can actually do an even swap with the cake flour. Just use 2 cups. I’ve used it before and it works great! I don’t usually sift it, I just give it a quick whisk.

  81. funsize wife says:

    I was asked to make chocolate cupcakes as a take home favor for a baby shower. I’m going to use your dulce la leche frosting on them. Apparently this is what the baby is asking for… Do you know about how many regular size cupcakes this batter will make? I need about 50. The mother has asked for “chocolate coma cupcakes”, and this will definitely fit the request. Thank you for your help, and here’s to many more years of your wonderful baking and stories.

    • says:

      It should make about 24 cupcakes. You might be able to get about 25, so that you can double it for 50.

  82. Hi there,
    I was wondering if you might have advice if I did this as a 13 x 9 layered cake. Do you know how long I should cook it for, should I double the recipe? it looks amazing. My son wants chocolate cake for his birthday and I think this would be fantastic!!! Thanks so much for the inspiration!!!

    • says:

      I’ve made this cake a ton, but never as a 9×13. I need to try that. I don’t think you’d need to double it. One recipe should be fine. One and a half at the most.

      • I ended up tripling the recipe to make two 9 x 13. I made a big layered cake for my son’s birthday. It was absolutely delicious. Incredibly moist and just so yummy. It was perfect because I was able to make it a couple of days before hand, and kept it in the fridge so that it was still super tasty and moist two days later for his party. Thanks so much for the recipe. It will definitely be made again!!!

  83. Hi Lindsay,

    Came across this recipe in my fb news feed today and really want to try it for a fundraising event end of next week – looks like it will bring in some pennies for charity, (probably from me buying every slice!!! haha).
    I’m in England and not sure what you mean by shortening? For example, usually shortening in pastry is lard – but surely can’t use this in frosting? I think there are vegetarian alternatives, would this be the best alternative? Or can you suggest something else that might be similar?

    Many thanks :) :) Jo (from a sunny at the moment England) xxx

    • says:

      Hi Jo! Shortening is a butter replacement here. You can just use butter to replace it. Good luck with the fundraiser!

  84. Hi! I just found this on Pinterest and I was wondering, do you think this cake would freeze well? I’m preparing to make an ice cream cake and looking for a good batter to use for the cake part, and this recipe sounds amazing! Do you think it’d work well for an ice cream cake? Thank you!

  85. Hi Lindsay,
    The cake certainly looks yummy and easy to make, but 3 layers seems a little too tall for about 4 people. How do I reduce the quantity of the ingredients for 2 layers in 8″ pans?

    Thanks for sharing the recipe :)

    • says:

      You could try cutting the recipe in half, but I’m not sure if that’s what you are trying to achieve.

  86. This is one of the BEST chocolate cakes I’ve tasted! This will be my go to chocolate cake from now on!

    Thanks for sharing,

  87. Lindsay — I love love love your blog and read every post… Sunday I baked your Strawberry Crème pie for my Mother in law — I modified it using organic Coconut flour and Coconut sugar as my husband and I are trying to minimize white flour/sugar…. so we can live longer to eat MORE awesome recipes… (joke). I am so impressed with your skill of decorating your cakes, as well as slicing them…. Mine usually are a mess or look like something a child made… Possibly you can share some of your secret skills with all of your fan base….. I am definitely making the Chocolate cake — it looks fantastic. Keep up the awesome work — you brighten my day… MKS

    • says:

      Thank you so much Michelle! I’m so glad you enjoy the blog and recipes. :) I actually would love to do just what you suggested and share some secrets with my readers. I’m hoping that I’ll be doing that very soon. Stay tuned!

  88. Hi…. i saw your blog through someones page in facebook…she linked a recipe you made, it was just one recipe and instantly i became a fan.

    Well i have a question which is a bit silly but ill ask

    Just wondering how the frosting tastes? I mean is it too sweet? I love sweets and the likes but not too sweet, if that make

    Anyways continue making beautiful and delucious sweets. GOD BLESS!

    • says:

      I’m so glad you found the blog! How sweet it is would probably depend on who you ask. I definitely have a big sweet tooth, so it’s possible you’d find it a bit sweet. Overall though, I’d describe this cake as more chocolatey than truly sweet.

  89. Hi Lindsay!! I am making a 3 tier wedding cake and they want it chocolate. This recipe is my go to for chocolate cake. It’a so good!!! If I’m making a 6″, 12″ round and the middle being a 8″ square, should I make this recipe 2 x’s…….right? Thanks in advance!!

    • says:

      I imagine you’ll need to make several batches for all three layers, but I’m not sure exactly how many.

  90. Nice recipe but may I ask, how many grams in your cup?

  91. Kimberly says:

    I have made this cake three times, and it is beyond DIVINE!!! It is so moist and absolutely amazing. I made it yesterday for an Easter dessert with a different icing, but OH.MY.GAWD…I couldn’t get enough. Furthermore, I have made several of your other desserts, as well, and they have all been exceptional. Keep up the good work!

  92. Kathleen says:

    Holy. Cow. I made this cake for Easter and I can’t get over how delicious it is! While mine didn’t turn look quite as nice as yours (maybe a future post on tips for icing a cake?), it didn’t even matter once you took a bite! Definitely my new favorite!

  93. Alexandra robertson says:

    Can this be made into 2 8inch cakes instead of 3 successfully? Or make 2 with less batter abd use the extra from the third to make cupcakes?

    • says:

      Yes, it can. I can’t remember the exact baking time, but they’ll just bake longer since they’ll be thicker layers.

  94. The first time I made this it was perfect! But the second time it fell flat and wouldn’t cook all the way. Was the water too hot? And, is this batter suppose to rise much at all?

    • says:

      Hmm, strange. It shouldn’t have been an issue with the water. Did you perhaps open the oven door too soon? That can cause the center to fall and not bake correctly. The batter does have what I’d say is a normal rise.

  95. The flavor of this cake are absolutely amazing! Probably the best chocolate cake recipe flavor-wise I’ve ever had. I followed the recipe just as you listed except used 9 inch pans instead of 8 and baked them for 29 minutes–toothpick came out clean, cake was nice and bouncy, perfect. However, the cake just fell completely apart when I assembled it and iced it. It’s just a cake wreck of delciousness I am trying to salvage, somehow, but possibly making a moten lava/gooey butter cake, throwing it back into the oven mixed with the icing, something, anything! It’s just too good to throw out. Maybe it needed to cook a bit longer? I’m not sure what happened but if I try this again, I’ll invest in 8 inch pans. :(

    • says:

      It is a very soft cake, so you do have to be careful when working with it. This may be a silly question, but did you remove the cake domes before stacking it? I know some people don’t do that and because this cake is so soft, it probably would fall apart if you didn’t. I also have a cake lifter that I’ll use sometimes to lift and move the cake around, which can help.

  96. hi..what kind of flour did u used in making this cake? thank u :)

  97. Looks tasty. What can i replace with shortenig?

  98. I’ve made this cake several times now. It’s always a huge hit at parties and potlucks. Thank you!

  99. Mary Anne Endeman says:

    I made this today, only I made cupcakes. I didn’t have the dark chocolate so used the regular kind. I also used hot strong coffee instead of the water. Turned out wonderful!! Thanks for your inspiration!

  100. Oh please stop putting Crisco or solid shortening in your recipes NOT good for the human body do not feed to children. You can put it on your wrist it does not melt at body temp. leave it on a shelf no bugs will touch it and it will stay forever..PLEASE stop using this in food.

  101. Hi, I started making this today but I don’t have vegetable oil… do you think butter or olive oil would work as a substitute?

    • says:

      I believe I’ve tried butter before and it didn’t work well. Olive oil would be a better bet, but since I haven’t tried it I don’t know for sure how it’ll work.

  102. WOW! Best cake ever, and I didn’t even frost it…just wanted to taste the cake alone. Game changer! Couldn’t get my hands on all of my 8″ cake rounds, so I made this as a bundt cake. Just added about 15 min to the cook time. Delicious! Can’t wait to try it as the real, frosted version. Thank you!

  103. Hi, Lindsay, I really want to make this cake for a friend’s birthday this Friday and I only have 2 9-inch pans. I calculated the thickness, if I were to use these pans, to be ~1.2 times the thickness of your cake layers. These pans are also only 1.5 inches tall, instead of 2 inches. Could you tell me how thick (about) your layers are, so I can make sure my batter doesn’t overflow? Also, any tips on different baking time and stuff would be appreciated.


    • says:

      I honestly didn’t measure quite how tall they are and would hate to give you a wrong guess. It might be close. I have 2 and 3 inch tall pans.

  104. Hi Lindsay!
    I came across this recipe looking for a wedding cake for my sister. I halved the recipe to test it, used cake flour, and poured it all into a 9″ pan, but followed the rest of the directions. I just took it out of the pan, and it seems way too soft to be stacked and peels off when I touch it. Do you know what I could have done wrong, or how to fix it?
    Other than that, it’s a delicious recipe! Thank you :)

    • says:

      What do you mean by peeling off? It’s definitely moist and crumbs can come off. I’ve stacked it many times and used it with fondant as well, so it should be fine. I don’t usually refrigerate it, but you certainly could.

  105. oh my. oh my! you are very convincing!! (and yes, i want to bake cakes for local restaurants? or at least be asked! how cool was that?!)
    your pictures are divine. i have a similar thinned/battered chocolate cake recipe. i smell it’s time for a bakeoff at my house! hey, it’s for science, right? –so hopefully the calories won’t count ~
    sharon / recently posted…A FEW GOOD MENMy Profile

  106. I made this chocolate cake for my family a few weeks ago. It is the best chocolate cake I have ever made or eaten. It is a very moist cake and very chocolately but not overpowering. This is my now go to for a chocolate cake. Definately a keeper. Thanks so much for sharing.

  107. When I saw this cake I just had to comment. I’ve been baking a version of it for years. In fact, it’s so moist, chocolately and pretty much foolproof that my entire family and everyone at work always insisted on it for every occasion. It got to the point that I was so bored baking it, so I’d substitute a different cake. But no matter how delicious, it wasn’t THIS cake, and the chocoholics I’m surrounded by simply weren’t satisfied. I don’t know how you manage to get your family and friends to consume such a variety of yummy flavors. I guess because they’re not chocoholics like so many of us – something I didn’t think was such a limitation. That, along with your statement about your family and the way you grew up without chocolate, reminded me of when I was about 3 or 4 years old. My older sister was in day camp, and my parents enrolled me too. As a chocoholic I had never eaten any other flavor of ice cream. I liked words, and while I had no clue what it meant, I thought “allergic” must mean something good. So one day when they asked what flavor ice cream we wanted, I said, “Oh I’m allergic to chocolate,” meaning I love it. But they brought me vanilla, and I tossed one of my patented temper tantrums, which they got my sister to deal with. She did so by slapping me, and ultimately it was suggested to my parents that perhaps I wasn’t quite ready for camp yet. Maybe if they’d just fetched me a dictionary…

  108. Hi there! Love this chocolate cake, thank you for sharing… Just want to ask about the other alternative for buttermilk since we only have powered buttermilk here. Thanks in advance;-)

    • says:

      I actually have used powdered buttermilk in this cake and it works great. Just add the powder with the dry ingredients and the water in place of the milk. The other alternative is use regular milk, which works well too.

  109. Hi! How would you change the baking time if you made this in 2 9inch cake pans? Thank you!


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