Mini Baileys Chocolate Cheesecakes

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These Mini Baileys Chocolate Cheesecakes are easy to make and perfect for sharing! Made with Irish cream liqueur, they’re also a great treat for St. Patrick’s Day!

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Mini Baileys Chocolate Cheesecakes recipe

Mini Baileys Chocolate Cheesecakes

So recently my grandmother asked me why I’ve stopped talking about my personal life on the blog. She obviously misses catching up on what’s going on with me via the blog and wasn’t happy about it.

The answer? Well, it’s hard to write about a personal life when you don’t have one. 😉

The truth is, between maintaining this blog, writing my cookbook and keeping up with my other job it doesn’t leave much time for other things. When the hubs and I finally have a chance to hang out and relax, we are tired and boring. The most interesting thing going on is that I finally got him to watch The Bachelor with me. A major win.

Fortunately I’ve actually been out of town the last two weekends and have gotten to have a little bit of fun. My cousin had a bridal shower that I helped plan (decorate) and I was at a blogger retreat for the last 4 days. The retreat was awesome. I always love spending time with fellow bloggers that I admire and can learn from. I got to meet a few bloggers I’d never met in person and spend time with some of my faves.

My friend, Julianne from Beyond Frosting, actually flew into Atlanta to drive with me to Myrtle Beach, so we got to spend some nice time together. She came back to our house for a day after the retreat before flying back to California and it was a lot of fun to spend time together outside of a conference or retreat – even if was just 24 hours. She even got a chance to organize my prop shelves (she’s the organizer of the friendship).

Homemade Mini Baileys Chocolate Cheesecakes
Best Mini Chocolate Cheesecakes

We obviously share a love of desserts and she got a chance to try a couple of mine while in town. Sadly she didn’t get to try this one.

I loved the ease of making these as mini cheesecakes.

How to Make These Mini Cheesecakes

They bake right in a cupcake pan so there’s no need for a pesky water bath.

Like with making a regular cheesecake, the crust comes first. Just divide the mixture of oreo crumbs and butter between the cupcake liners and press them into the bottom. The crusts are baked for about 5 minutes.

The filling has all the usual cheesecake suspects. Beat together the cream cheese, sugar and cocoa first. It’s best to mix on low speed to keep from incorporating too much air. The sour cream, vanilla extract and irish cream are added next. Finally, the eggs.

I used an ice cream scoop to put the batter into each cupcake. You’ll want to fill them mostly to the top. They will puff up a bit while they bake, but they don’t really get any taller.

Like with a regular cheesecake, you’ll want to cool the cheesecakes slowly to help prevent from cracking before putting in the fridge to cool completely. Once they’re ready, top the cheesecakes with some irish cream whipped cream, drizzle with a bit of chocolate sauce and devour.

Easy Mini Baileys Chocolate Cheesecakes
Mini Baileys Chocolate Cheesecakes on a blue plate

Watch How To Make These

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image of Mini Baileys Chocolate Cheesecake with bite taken out

Mini Baileys Chocolate Cheesecakes

  • Author: Lindsay
  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Cook Time: 17 minutes
  • Total Time: 32 minutes
  • Yield: 12-14 mini cheesecakes
  • Category: Dessert
  • Method: Oven
  • Cuisine: American


These Mini Baileys Chocolate Cheesecakes are easy to make and perfect for sharing! Made with Irish cream liqueur, they’re also a great treat for St. Patrick’s Day!



  • 1 cup Oreo crumbs, from approximately 11-12 whole Oreos
  • 2 tbsp butter, melted


  • 12 ounces (339g) cream cheese, room temperature
  • 1/2 cup (104g) sugar
  • 6 tbsp (42g) unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1/2 cup (120ml) sour cream, room temperature
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/4 cup (60ml) Irish Cream Liqueur
  • 2 large eggs, room temperature


  • 3/4 cup (180ml) heavy whipping cream, cold
  • 6 tbsp (43g) powdered sugar
  • 2 tbsp (30ml) Irish Cream Liqueur
  • Chocolate sauce



  1. Preheat oven to 325°F (162°C). Add cupcake liners to a cupcake pan.
  2. Combine the Oreo crumbs and melted butter. The mixture should have the texture of wet sand.
  3. Divide the mixture between the cupcake liners and press into the bottoms.
  4. Bake crusts for 5 minutes then remove from oven. Allow to cool while you make the filling.


  1. Reduce oven to 300°F (148°C).
  2. In a large bowl, mix the cream cheese, sugar and cocoa until combined (use low speed to keep less air from getting into the batter, which can cause cracks). Scrape down the sides of the bowl.
  3. Add the sour cream, vanilla extract and Irish cream. Beat on low speed until well combined.
  4. Add eggs one at a time, beating slowly and scraping the sides of the bowl after each addition.
  5. Divide the batter between the cupcake liners and fill most of the way. I used an ice cream scoop to spoon it in.
  6. Bake cheesecakes for 12 minutes, then turn off oven and leave the door closed for another 5 minutes. You will know your mini cheesecakes are done when they look firm around the edges but still jiggle ever so slightly in the center.
  7. Crack the oven door and allow cheesecakes to cool for 15-20 minutes, then put in the fridge to finish cooling.


  1. To finish off the cheesecakes, whip heavy whipping cream on high until it begins to thicken. Add powdered sugar and Irish cream and continue to whip on high until stiff peaks form.
  2. Pipe the whipped cream on top of the cheesecakes, then drizzle with chocolate sauce. Refrigerate until ready to serve.


  • Serving Size: 1 Mini Cheesecake
  • Calories: 306
  • Sugar: 21 g
  • Sodium: 158.7 mg
  • Fat: 18.9 g
  • Carbohydrates: 28.9 g
  • Protein: 4.6 g
  • Cholesterol: 72.9 mg


Mini Baileys Chocolate Cheesecakes - irish cream in the cheesecake and the whipped cream! The cupcake size makes them the perfect size dessert for St. Patrick's Day!

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  1. Karen Deane

    I love this recipe thank you so much, I use your cheesecake recipes a the time they always come out perfect . My question is instead of the chocolate can you substitute flour?

    1. Lindsay

      That might be kind of a lot of flour. If you want to leave out the cocoa powder, I would add 2 to 3 tablespoons of flour.

  2. Erin

    This recipe sounds delicious I was wondering, if you were to use a mini cupcake pan what would the cook time be?

  3. Jennifer S

    Your recipe and nutrition says mini cheesecakes, but you use a reg size cupcake pan. How is that considered mini? Thank you!! 🙂

  4. Joanne

    These cheesecakes were PERFECT! Absolutely delicious and the ideal size for a small, but decadent dessert! Will keep this recipe on hand for the future.

  5. Kathy

    I followed this recipe exactly as instructed including ingredients, which I normally modify when I try a new recipe. The cheesecakes turned out perfect. They were not soft or jiggly and they were delicious. I was unclear whether I should ground-up the entire Oreo cookie for the crust since I couldn’t purchase Oreo crumbs in a grocery store so I scraped the filling out of 10 Oreo cookies and put them in the food processor. This equals one cup. on another note, these are delicious, but next time I might omit the cocoa in the cheesecake and add 1/4 to 1/2 a cup of mini chocolate chips, The question or challenge that I had living in Florida is once I took the cheesecake out of the fridge with the homemade whipped topping, the whipped cream seemed to melt right away. I’m wondering if there’s some solution to that in the hot, humid climates. Definitely a do again. .

  6. Jan

    Something seems to be missing like a little flour because they had no consistency. After baking for 12 minutes they were like soup and barely lukewarm. Baked for 2 more 10-minute increments and they were like mush. Was disappointed since they looked so good.

    1. Lindsay

      It sounds like you need to calibrate your oven. I’m certain it’s not the recipe. They should bake if placed in properly heated oven.

    1. Lindsay

      It holds up if you go ahead and pipe it. If you make it, let it sit and then stir it up again, it will deflate.

  7. sheri

    I have made these several times and they are always a hit and im always asked for the recipe. I just use an oreo cookie in the bottom of a muffin tin in cupcake pan. not sweet just mmmm good! Thanks

  8. Annette

    My daughter made these and brought them over for St Patty’s Day dinner. Outstanding! I’m a dessert snob and was really wowed. pinned the recipe and can’t wait to have them again. Was a huge hit!

  9. Pam

    Have you ever made these in a min cheesecake pan instead of a muffin pan?  If so what changes need to be made to the recipe?

    1. Christina Nicholson

      I made this in a 4″ aluminum pan (2 actually divided) also made a chocolate graham cracker crust instead of the oreo. I baked them in a water bath for 45 -50 min. ( until ser 1 ” and center still jiggly) turned oven off and cracked the door for 1/2 hrs. Turned out perfect!!

  10. Brittany

    I’m going to make these for our St. Patrick’s Day party, but need to prepare a day or two ahead of time. Can I put the whipped cream and chocolate on and then refrigerate for that long, or do I need to do that right before serving?

  11. Catherine A Schaller

    Have you ever substituted Kahlua for the Baileys? That’s what I have on hand, from making the amazing Kahlua cheesecake!

    Love your recipes and even gave your cookbook as part of a bridal shower present!

    1. Lindsay

      Sorry for the delay! I haven’t done it with these, but I’m sure it’d work just fine. I’m glad you enjoyed the Kahlua one!

      Thanks so much Catherine!

    1. Lindsay

      You can! You’d want to double the ingredients and bake in a 9 inch pan in a water bath for an hour, then turn off the oven and leave it in there for another 30 minutes, then crack the oven door for another 30. I hope that helps!

  12. Emily O’Connor

    These are AMAZING!! I made them this weekend for St. Patrick’s Day and they turned out perfectly! My friends were raving about them 🙂 thanks for sharing! 

  13. Raquel

    So everything else about this recipe is great the whip cream part. Tried it twice already and both times it’s fine…until I add the Irish cream. Then it turns into something that looks like uncoagulated cat vomit. Don’t know what I was doing wrong, but I had to go with a cream cheese frosting recipe instead. It held the liquor great, I was just super angry that I wasted all that heavy whipping cream for nothing. Fortunately, chugging some Irish cream helped. Anyway, just thought you should know in case someone else encounters the same thing I did. 

    1. Lindsay

      Did you use the full amount of powdered sugar? I know people reduce it sometimes, but it’s needed in this to stabilize the whipped cream.

  14. Indah

    Hi Lindsay….it’s good to know that i found such a great blog right here. Anyway, can i substitute irish cream with other ingredient? Fyi, i can find those ingredient in my country (Indonesia) and i figure it contains alcohol so impossible for me to use it. Thank you in advance

    1. Lindsay

      Would you be looking to make them just plain chocolate? If so, you can just leave out the Baileys and reduce the baking time by a few minutes.

  15. Amanda

    If I wanted to make these bite sized in a mini muffin pan what would the suggested baking and cooling times be?

  16. tricia skinner

    I need to know if you can freeze these and take them out and ice them for a Christmas party/
    Thank you in advance for this , it looks so good.

  17. Lisa

    Made these yesterday for a neighborhood Christmas gathering and I’m going to have to make another batch today — because they NEED to be shared, SO GOOD❣  I’m also going to try a version with creme de menthe/mint Oreos.  I made a different mini cheesecake recipe using Andes mints/mint extract yesterday as well and they simply couldn’t compete with the perfection of your Bailey’s ones!!  (I’m betting that your base recipe/cooking approach with the mint substitutions will make all the difference, have you tried it already?)  Thank you so much for sharing this.

  18. Julianne

    Amazing recipe! I’ve made it three times this month. I did need to increase the cooking time, as they were still liquid after 12 minutes. I wonder why that is.

    1. Lindsay

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying them! Part of the thing with the baking time is that I usually bake them initially until they are set around the edges and still soft in the middle. The cooling process allows them to continue baking and cool slowly to prevent cracking. If you are baking them longer and not having a problem with cracking, then that’s great! 🙂

      1. Melanie

        Made these before and they were yummy. Making them today, for valentines, substituting the Irish cream with kahlua.

  19. norrine monferrato

    Hi, I would like to know if I can make the cupcakes a day before and then top with the whip cream the next day ?

  20. Brittany

    Hey Lindsay!

    Could i just omit the Irish Cream Liqueur in the filling or should I replace it with 1/4 cup of milk?

    Thanks so much!

  21. Allison Swann

    Hi Lindsay I have children and I would love to make this recipe, but I was wondering I there is a non-alcoholic version that would still taste the same?

    1. Lindsay

      I’m not sure that it’d taste exactly the same, but you could try the baileys coffee creamer. You’d get some of the baileys flavor, it just might not be quite as strong.

  22. Shirsha

    Hi Lindsay,

    I wanted to check – if instead of making cupcakes, I wanted to make a regular cake instead, using the same proportions, what size cake would this recipe yield? Also, should I change the baking time if making a cake. Thanks.

    1. Lindsay

      This recipe is half of the usual recipe I us for a 9 inch cheesecake. If you stick with the ingredients as listed, maybe a 6 inch? But you could double the ingredients and mane a 9 inch. You would definitely need to increase baking time. I haven’t done a 6 inch, so I can’t say for that. But for a 9 inch, I’d say about 1 hr and 20-30 minutes. There’s a cooling process though. If you look at my full sized cheesecakes, they all are about the same in the cooling part.

  23. Carly

    Thanks for another fantastic recipe! Everyone loved them – they were the perfect size and they tasted amazing.

  24. Vickie

    First of all, I want to say I love your blog and except for cheesecake, we don’t really like cake! And yet, I find myself drooling over everyone you post! I have recommended your blog to lots of people and everyone loves your cakes!

    I want to make these cheesecakes but have a question-did you make your chocolate sauce? If not, do you mind sharing what brand you used? For some reason, I just can’t think of a brand that will produce the look yours does. I don’t want messy looking cheesecakes so would appreciate a little advice please! Thanks!

    1. Lindsay

      Thanks Vickie! I’m so glad you enjoy the blog! 🙂

      I use this chocolate sauce. I like the squeeze bottle and when it’s been in the refrigerator and cold, it’s just the right consistency.

  25. Jocelyn (Grandbaby cakes)

    These look really sensational.  I am so glad that you got some time to chill and relax a bit.  Give yourself a break sometimes.

    1. Lindsay

      Thanks girl! And me too 🙂 And glad we got to hang out! I have three weeks left – then I can chill again! 🙂

  26. Jen | Baked by an Introvert

    These cheesecakes look incredible! I love anything spiked with Bailey’s this time of year!

  27. taylor @ Food Faith Fitness

    You are so busy, girl! You are such an inspiration to us though! These mini cheesecakes would be so perfect to have… in my face…. right now….! 🙂 Keep killin’ it! You got this.

  28. Mir

    I feel you. Working two jobs is no joke. There isn’t much time to do anything but collapse at the end of the day and hope there’s something good streaming on Netflix. Here’s hoping things slow down soon!
    And these do look incredible, so it’s too bad that julianne didn’t try them. She understands amazing dessert!

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