Banana Split Icebox Cake

This Banana Split Icebox Cake is a blend of some of my favorite fruity flavors! Banana, pineapple, strawberry and cherry all make an appearance and are topped with chocolate and caramel sauce! No bake, easy to make banana split heaven!

Banana Split Icebox Cake
Banana Split Icebox Cake

No bake desserts like this one are great right now, since it’s getting so darn hot. Our upstairs bedroom has been heating up during the day recently and it hasn’t been so good.

We need to get someone out to service the air conditioning, but can’t seem to get on it. Instead, we bought fans.

The hubs and I have been talking about getting fans for forever, even before the bedroom started getting warm. But Lowes had a 20% off deal over the weekend, so we jumped on it.

Of course once we had the fans, the hubs wouldn’t rest until they were installed. So Sunday night at 10:30 p.m. he decides we need to install the one in our room. The other one was done the next day.

Banana Split Icebox Cake

It was our first time installing fans and I got the job of assistant. Since it was dark out at that point and the power in the room had to be off for the installation, that meant holding a flashlight, reading instructions and handing the hubs things while he was on the ladder installing things.

In a moment of waiting, I of course checked instagram. What else would I do with a free 30 seconds?

The hubs wasn’t really a fan and gave me his disapproving look, but instead of saying something negative he smiled, in a joking way, and said “I love you.”

Banana Split Icebox Cake

It was quite effective.

I got what he was saying, laughed and didn’t look at the phone again. The last few days saying “I love you” instead of how annoyed we are has been our thing. It’s been pretty effective at making us laugh and even more effective at accomplishing…whatever we are trying to accomplish.

Fortuantely both fans got installed without too much difficulty. And they really do look great and help a lot with keeping the air circulating and the rooms cooler. I’m a fan…no pun intended. 😉

I’m a dork, I know.

Banana Split Icebox Cake
Banana Split Icebox Cake

But back to the icebox cake.

It actually reminds me a lot in flavor of the Banana Split Blizzard from Dairy Queen. It’s my fave. I very rarely get another flavor unless it’s some special flavor that I’m curious to try, or I’m craving cookie dough. I can’t remember not loving it.

This icebox cake is the same way. It’s the perfect summer dessert. I love the flavors and how it all comes together so well, I can’t imagine not loving it. I know it will be that way for you too. :)

Banana Split Icebox Cake

Banana Split Icebox Cake

Yield: 9x13 cake


5.1 oz box instant banana pudding mix
3 cups milk
8 oz cream cheese, room temperature
1/2 cup powdered sugar
8 oz Cool Whip (or homemade whipped cream)
14.4 oz box graham crackers
1 lb strawberries, washed, dried and sliced
8 oz can pineapple tidbits, drained, washed and patted dry
10-12 marachino cherries, chopped
chocolate sauce
caramel sauce
handful of chopped walnuts


1. Make the banana pudding by whisking together the pudding mix and milk according to package directions.
2. Beat together cream cheese and powdered sugar until smooth.
3. Add 1/2 a cup of banana pudding to cream cheese mixture and mix until incorporated.
4. Fold in 2/3 of the cool whip to cream cheese mixture.
5. To begin the layers, put a single layer of graham crackers in the bottom of a 9x13 pan. You might have to break some to fill in the gaps. I used about one sleeve per layer (there were 3 in the box).
6. Top graham crackers with half of the cream cheese mixture and spread evenly.
7. Top cream cheese mixture with a layer of thinly sliced strawberries.
8. Top strawberries with 1/2 of the banana pudding. Spread into an even layer
9. Add another layer of graham crackers.
10. Top with the other half of the cream cheese mixture and spread into an even layer.
11. Top with pineapple tidbits and cherries.
12. Add remaining banana pudding and spread into an even layer.
13. Add another layer of graham crackers.
14. Top with remaining 1/3 of cool whip and spread into an even, thin layer.
15. Top with chocolate and caramel sauce and walnuts.
16. Refrigerate for 3-4 hours or until ready to serve. The graham crackers will soften as it sits and the flavors will meld together.
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  1. Glad things got cooler! I can see why your oven’s not such a hot idea right now. Pun not intended, rats. Don’t like puns. :)
    Love this recipe! The drizzle on top looks so pretty, too!
    Mir recently posted…Bakery-Sized Chocolate Chip CookiesMy Profile

  2. I love this version of an icebox cake, which are always perfect at this time of the year!
    Jaren (Diary of a Recipe Collector) recently posted…Poolside TreatsMy Profile

  3. Whoohoo get on board the Banana Split train :) An icebox cake was on my list of recipe options, too funny!!! This is gorgeous :) Thanks for the link love too!!
    Aimee @ ShugarySweets recently posted…Chicken Artichoke Jalapeno PaniniMy Profile

  4. Glad you got the fans installed! Our air conditioner was out for a few days and it was so hard to sleep when the bedroom temp was in the 80’s! I could have used a big piece of this cake to cool off! :)
    Jessica @ A Kitchen Addiction recently posted…Lemon Crumb Ice CreamMy Profile

  5. Oh wow this looks so unbelievable I can’t stand it!!!
    Jocelyn (Grandbaby Cakes) recently posted…Close Enough Big Mama’s Vanilla Ice CreamMy Profile

  6. I love that you don’t have to turn the oven on for this one! It looks fab!

  7. one word: YUM!
    Angelyn @ Everyday Desserts recently posted…Peanut Butter Pudding CookiesMy Profile

  8. Haha, I am the worst assistant when it comes to helping the hubs with something. I start complaining after about two minutes. At least you have a nice new fan now :) And this icebox cake looks like the perfect summer dessert!
    Ashley | Spoonful of Flavor recently posted…No-Bake Mini Strawberry Cheesecakes with Chocolate GanacheMy Profile

  9. I just fixed the AC at one of our rentals two nights ago at 10PM…I should have just told them to get fans lol!

    This ice box cake looks so delicious! I’ve been super curious about ice box cakes recently. You might have just tipped me over the edge!
    Lindsey @ American Heritage Cooking recently posted…Nutella Swirled Banana BreadMy Profile

  10. This looks sooo god! I am a terrible baker so I am always on the look out for no bake desserts.
    Jhanis recently posted…Creamy Maja Blanca con MaizMy Profile

  11. Mmm that layer with the fresh strawberries in it….it’s calling my name! Along with the rest of the dessert to be sure. 😀 A perfect summer cake that I must eat immediately!
    Jess @ On Sugar Mountain recently posted…Fear No Food: Corn and Sweet Pea FrittersMy Profile

  12. Now this is just out of this world awesome!
    Julianne @ Beyond Frosting recently posted…Coconut Cashew Oatmeal CookiesMy Profile

  13. Deborah (Debbie) says:

    Oh dear…I just discovered you. I am in sooo much trouble :)

  14. A friend posted your recipe on facebook and I saw you have so many other fabulous things to make… your website!

  15. Best icebox cake ever!

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