How to throw an America party!

Today I’m doing things a little different. Today it’s all about the party! You may recall that back in February, the hubs became a U.S. citizen (he’s originally from South Africa) and I threw him an America party.

Well, now that Memorial Day and July 4th are finally approaching, I’m going to share the pictures from the par-tay to give everyone some ideas in case you want to plan your own party.

The day was full of our favorite American foods and all kinds of red, white and blue. I started out with BBQ sliders. Totally American. Always loved by all. And in fact, they were the first thing to disappear.


We had flag themed plates, napkins and toothpicks. There were also flag balloons, but I forgot to get pictures. I had red and white flowers, too. I’d wanted to dye some of the white flowers blue, but I didn’t plan far enough ahead and despite sitting in blue water for a day, they didn’t have enough time to turn blue.

I had red and blue fruit that I’d wanted to use my star cutter on and cut into stars, but I ran out of time.

Not pictured are the little wiener dogs I made. The flag toothpicks were perfect for those. The other thing not pictured is the red sangria with red and blue fruit. It is my very favorite sangria and is always a hit. And to make sure it was served classy American style, we had red solo cups. πŸ™‚


I made a cake, of course. Because no occasion is complete without a tasty cake!

I don’t often get to bake recipes from my blogging friends (it’s hard enough keeping up with my own), so I seized the chance to bake my friend Amanda’s vanilla cake. Her’s was a natural one to try since I was making a surprise inside cake (have you seen her book all about surprise inside cakes? I have it. It’s awesome).

I decorated the outside of the cake using the petal technique and did half with red and white stripes and the other half alternating blue and white to mimic stars and the blue part of the flag.


When I cut into it, I got lots of ooohhhs and aaaaahhhhs. That was fun. πŸ™‚

I was inspired by Amanda’s cake, but if you’d like to see a tutorial on how to do a similar surprise inside, here’s the tutorial I used.


Since the hubs is a HUGE rice krispie treat fan, I had to have some of those covered in red, white and blue. I cheated and bought pre-made rice krispie treats to save time. I bought red, white and blue Wilton candy melts and used those for dipping.

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I melted the chocolate, dipped the stick (which is actually a paper straw cut in half) in the chocolate and put it in the rice krispie treat. When those dried, I dipped them in the chocolate and placed them on parchment paper to dry. The sprinkles when on immediately, but the stripes were added later, after the red chocolate had dried.


I also had pop rock versions. The kiddos loved the pop rock rice krispies and us adults had some fun with the pop rocks. There’s a picture somewhere of us ladies standing around and listening to them pop in our mouths. It was like we were all 10 again. πŸ™‚


And then popcorn – that’s totally American right? And covered in red, white and blue! Again, I used Wilton candy melts. I spread the popcorn out on parchment paper (I used Skinny Pop brand) and drizzled the melted chocolate over the popcorn. I let it dry, mixed it up and did it again.

Popcorn is so simple to make, but I could not stop eating it. I had no idea how amazing white chocolate covered popcorn was. Oh em gee.


And then red and blue laffy taffy. I don’t know that this is necessarily American, but the hubs has always loved it. If he were a kid, it’s what I’d bribe him with.

laffy-taffy table

There was also a big corn hole tournament. I’ve also heard this game called bags by my northern friends. Whatever you call it, it’s fun. All attendees took part and it was great.

And that guy right there is the hubs. Isn’t he just the cutest? He’s a little paranoid about his sock tan, but that’s what happens when you teach tennis. And now he’s American!


So there you have it! Our America party in all it’s red, white and blue glory! I hope it helps inspire your next America themed party – whether for Memorial Day or 4th of July.

I also made a little collage of the images below, in case you want to pin it for later. πŸ™‚

Party on!

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