We’re Expecting Twins!

Yep, you read that right! We are officially expecting identical twins!

If you’ve been following the Lifestyle section of the blog over the last several months, then you already know about your IVF journey. We’ve been trying for 5 years to start a family and finally we can announce that we are expecting!

Lindsay and Ian hold twins sign

Photos by Hayley Jo Photography. Get the balloon here.

In my post last week, IVF: The Pregnancy Tests, I talked about the pregnancy tests (because there are several with IVF) and left off just before the first ultrasound. So let’s pick it up there today, because as I mentioned last week, it’s been a little nutty around here.

So we went into our first ultrasound knowing I was pregnant and just hoping to get to see a little heartbeat. We know that’s the first hurdle with any pregnancy, so I was dying to see one. As the doctor began the ultrasound, we were able to see the baby. A teeny tiny little baby, but there it was – and it’s heartbeat! Yay!

So the doctor is taking some measurements and we’re all happy and watching things and the next thing you know she says, “Oh! There’s another one!”

Now keep in mind that we transferred just one embryo. We were very intentional in that decision. In fact, just a couple days before this ultrasound, the hubs and I were walking Jessie and he said to me, “Could you imagine if it was twins?”

My response – “That wouldn’t happen. We only transferred one embryo. The chances of it splitting are like 2%. Wouldn’t happen.”

Clearly the joke was on me! And crazily enough, I found it hilarious.

ultrasound photos of twinsPhotos by Hayley Jo Photography.

When the doctor said there were two babies, it’s hard to even describe what went through my head. Total shock. Like, are you sure??? And once I realized it was not a joke, I just started laughing. Uncontrollably. The irony and the shock were too much. I think I might have momentarily lost my mind a bit.

The doctor kept doing her thing while I was laughing and eventually had to ask me to stop laughing because she couldn’t get accurate measurements. At that point, I had to look away from the monitor because every time I saw two of them on there, I just couldn’t stop laughing. I couldn’t believe it! 🙂

Eventually she let us know that both heartbeats were visible on the monitor at the same time so that I could look. Again, when I saw them both, I just started laughing all over again. I had totally imagined crying when I saw a heartbeat for the first time. This laughing stuff was out of control and had to have been the shock.

So once the doctor was done and I sat up, she proceeded to tell us that she believed the babies were in one amniotic sac and may or may not share a placenta. It would be a high risk pregnancy that could include hospitalization at some point. I’d need to find a high risk OB.

Honestly, none of that sunk it at that moment. I already knew twins were high risk. I knew nothing about amniotic sacs and placentas and what it all meant. I just knew it was twins and my mind couldn’t process anything else. Honestly, I was still holding back laughter.

Lindsay and Ian holding shirts that say worth the waitPhotos by Hayley Jo Photography. Get the onesies here.

When the doctor left the room, the nurse talked to us a little more and made a recommendation on a doctor’s office and suggested we schedule an appointment ASAP because we’d want to meet with the high risk OB. It all still wasn’t sinking in.

The whole rest of the day, we called friends and family and told them the news – that we were having twins. We got lots of “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh” and even some laughter, which naturally I related to. 🙂 I sat on the couch most of the day totally in shock. I think it hit me so hard because I truly had not even let the possibility of twins enter my mind.

Eventually we called my mom again and while chatting with her, the hubs mentioned that he’d looked up what the doctor was telling us about amniotic sacs and placentas. Apparently the situation we were looking at was called Mono-Mono twins, otherwise known as “MoMo Twins.”

I heard him, but still couldn’t process much. I was very much like, ok, yea. That’s cool.

As the shock started to wear off, I googled. Turns out twins normally have their own amniotic sac and placenta, called Di-Di. In rare cases, you’ll have Mono-Di twins that share a placenta, but have their own amniotic sacs. In even more rare cases (apparently less than 1% of identical twins), you’ll have Mono-Mono twins, which share both an amniotic sac and placenta. Not only is it the most rare situation, it’s also the most high risk and there’s very little information about it to be found online.

Lindsay and Ian with twins balloon bannerPhotos by Hayley Jo Photography.

What I did find was that because of the sharing of the amniotic sac and placenta, the twins are at risk of two things. The first is twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, where one twin basically gets more nutrition, blood supply, etc than the other. It can result in one baby growing better than the other and can even result in the death of one baby. The other risk, which is actually the greater concern, is umbilical cord entanglement. Because they are in the same sac, as they begin to move around, their cords will wrap around one another. While it isn’t always an issue, it can create a situation where blood supply, etc, gets cut off and again, can result in death.

It took several weeks and various doctors appointments before I really understood what it all meant and how it meant this pregnancy would play out. Plus, I wanted to hear from my doctor, not the internet.

I was able to get an appointment with my high risk OB a couple weeks later. Because of our unique situation, we “graduated” from our IVF clinic more quickly than usual, at 7 weeks. Once I started seeing my OB, answers started rolling in.

Here’s the gist. Because of the high risk situation, once I hit 24 weeks (I’m at 12 weeks on Sunday, so 24 weeks will be mid-November), I will become an inpatient at the hospital. They will monitor the babies several times a day to make sure heartbeats are ok. If at some point the cord entanglement creates an issue with one or both heartbeats, they will do an emergency c-section. So once I go into the hospital at 24 weeks, the babies could be born at any time, depending on how things go. If all goes smoothly and there’s no issues from entanglement, we could go all the way to 32-34 weeks before delivering the babies. They wouldn’t be allowed to go any further than 34 weeks. The risk becomes too high.

So. I’m going into the hospital in November and will hopefully be there for about 2 1/2 months. The intention is to prevent complications before they become an issue. Once the babies are born (they will be preemies for sure, it’s just a matter of how preemie), they will spend some time in the NICU. Again, the amount of time depends on when they make their appearance.

ultrasound picture of twins held by Lindsay & IanPhotos by Hayley Jo Photography.

To say this information has all been a little overwhelming is a bit of an understatement. It’s A LOT to take in. I am trying to prepare myself for not being able to be in the kitchen for an extended period of time, as I’ll be hospitalized and then I’ll have babies in the NICU. The preparation for basically being “away from the office” is overwhelming and something I have to take day by day. This blog is my full time job and it’s an important part of our household income.

Plus, we will basically have the next 3 months to prepare ourselves and our home for bringing home two babies. SO MUCH TO DO! I am normally such a planner and enjoy the process of things. This is all going to be a challenge, but again – day by day.

On the plus side though, my doctor is awesome! Despite this being an unusual pregnancy and very high risk, he’s actually delivered two sets of these kind of twins in just the last 4 years, which is awesome. He knows all about them and seems super prepared to handle it, which makes me feel better and more confident.

So if you’ve noticed changes around the blog lately – like posting less often per week and slower response time with comments and emails – it’s because there’s SO MUCH TO DO! I literally never have enough time each day to do all the things I want to get done. And I’m so tired and haven’t really felt all that well. Food and I aren’t exactly besties right now and sleep constantly alludes me. So I’m doing my best, but bear with me if I seem out of sorts. I am! 🙂

All that said, aside from the craziness of it all and how overwhelming it can seem, we are truly SO excited! All of this news was a shock, but now that the shock has worn off, we couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome TWO babies! We already love them so much and can’t wait to meet then whenever they decide to join us. We are so incredibly thankful for these babies. We had no idea was God had in store for us all this time, and still don’t entirely know what to expect, but we are so thankful and can’t wait to see it all play out. These babies are a huge blessing and we can’t wait to be their parents.

So definitely stay tuned! This journey is just beginning! 🙂

Lindsay and Ian celebrating that twins are worth the waitPhotos by Hayley Jo Photography.

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  1. Sonja

    Dear Lindsay, I am sooo happy for you both!! Thank you for sharing this. I’ll pray for a healthy pregnancy. Sonja XX

  2. Karen Simon Peterson

    Congratulations on your twins – what an adventure! I wish you all the best. My prayers are with you.

  3. Heather Morge

    OMG! I have been following your story, and I am so excited for you and your husband! Many congratulations, well wishes and blessings to you. How exciting!

  4. Georgia

    Congratulations on this!! That’s so exciting! I love your recipes- they bring me so much joy to bake them and share them with all of my friends!

  5. Sophia Matthew

    That is absolutely amazing!!! My heart filled with so much joy for your family after readomg your blog and knowing what you and your husband have been through. I pray for the absolute best for your family ❤❤

  6. Tamera

    My mo-mo boys turned 12 this summer. I was 20 weeks when all that you’ve learned was shared with me. I went into the hospital at 26 weeks and God was faithful to carry the boys to 32 weeks. It was an amazing experience! So much provision amd love from friends and family! Enjoy the season!!

  7. Cecília Almeida

    I have Fiv twins, they’re almost 18 now, and I was in bed for 2 months during pregnancy, but nothing as difficult as your situation. I had to wait 9 yrs for them, and when this happens, we are willing to make all sacrifices. And it was a double dream come true!
    I know how happy you must be. Hope everything goes well!

  8. Núria

    Hi Lindsay! I am an identical twin myself and I can tell you your kids will have a very special connection, my twin sister is my only sister and I don’t know how it’s like to have any other brothers or sisters but it’s amazing how we can read our minds and finish each other’s sentences 🙂 I am so happy for you and your hubby, it’s truly a blessing after 5 years! I hope it all goes well and runs smoothly for you and your babies. I am from Barcelona, Spain, expecting my 3rd child on week 34 and I LOVE your blog!! I am so excited every time I get your posts in my inbox and I am certainly going to miss them while you are away at the hospital but it’s for the best reason of all, becoming a mom is the most wonderful and fulfilling experience in a woman’s life. Congrats to you both!!! Big hug!!

  9. Nour

    Hi Lindsay 
    Congrats and I am so happy to see your miracle twins. Also,  nowadays I am waiting to see if I am pregnant or not after my transfer. Your success IVF result gives me a new hope for being pregnant. The last thing is can you share  name of your high risk Ob ? I live in Ny 

  10. Renee

    I am so excited for you and the hubs!!! After such a long journey God had answered your prayers. Congrats Momma, and thank you for sharing your journey with us. Continued prayers for a healthy pregnancy. 

  11. Anu Philip

    Oh Lindsay! I am so happy for you! As I  read your post, my eyes filled with tears of joy. I have been following your blog and also been praying for you. Praise God!  It’s indeed a great blessing. All the very best. 

  12. Viola

    I woke up this morning and first thing I saw was your Instagram post. The minute I saw the pictures I was just so happy for you and your family. Sending you all the love, prayers and positive thoughts during your pregnancy. Yay how exciting! Love and hugs always

  13. Auntiepatch

    Congrats on your news of twins. Being a twin myself, I only have one piece of wisdom for you: DON’T DRESS THEM ALIKE! I know, I know, it’s so stinking cute but they will thank you later. My sister and I were dressed alike during our early years and we were fraternal! We weren’t Kathy and Karen, we were The Twins.
    You will have two darling daughters with their own personalities. Don’t dress them as A UNIT. And, bonus, they will have more clothes because they will be sharing everything (as twins do). Sleep when they sleep. That’s the secret.
    Relax, you’re up for this (and accept offers of help from friends and family when you need time for yourself.)
    Blessings to you and your family.

  14. Rita

    Congratulations! My 1st baby was conceived through IVF. We had 5 embryos transferred, and were blessed with one healthy baby boy, 25 years ago! It is indeed such an emotional roller coaster, but the end result is so worth it. God’s blessings to you, your babies and husband!

  15. Kim Smalley

    Congrats to you both. You are in for a very exciting journey. My niece recently had mo-mo twins and the excitement is just amazing. The boys were born at 30 weeks, and because of the cords tangling too much and it was effecting their heartbeats. Both are very healthy and active 9 month old boys.
    I wish you both the best of luck and happiness with the journey.
    If you need someone to talk to, I can put you in touch with my niece and she can help you with the encouragement during some of the scary times as she has been through it.
    The advice I read earlier about not stressing and definitely stay away from reading what is on the internet and everything will be fine. You have a dr. who has done this before, so he knows what to watch out for.
    Prayers going out for a wonderful journey. 🙂

  16. Lillian

    Congrats blessed event…..enjoy every precious moment live laugh love always.  we are all so happy for you both 

  17. Debbie DelMastro

    Congratulations, what a blessing to you and your husband!!! I look forward to reading future blogs about those two beautiful bundles of joy!!! 

  18. Anastasha

    I know how you feel. I’ve never had twins but when I was pregnant with my 5th baby, he was born at 24 weeks and weighed less than a pound. It was one of the most hardest situations I’ve ever gone through. But with the support of my husband, family and great nurses. We were able to get through it. Many many visits was a tremendous help for us. I enjoyed as much baby bonding time with my son. Seeing him in the NICU the first day was overwhelming and joyful at the same time. He spent about four months in the NICU before he was able to come home. Flash forward he is a healthy 3 year old toddler. Hope this helps ease your mind a bit and I pray that you have an healthy pregnancy. Congratulations

  19. Shana Zelenka

    Such amazing news! I wish you all the best in your journey and will be praying every step of the way. Congratulations!!!

  20. Karen

    While I do not always read your blog, I do love your recipes! This particular post caught my attention and I just want to congratulate you and your husband on your pregnancy!  It thrilling, exciting and little terrifying all at once ???? As I post this, my own son and daughter in law are waiting to here if their last IUI has taken, IVF  will be next if not. I understand your journey and excitement! I wish you the absolute best wishes!!

  21. Suzy-q

    Wonderful news! Congratulations to the happy family. Wishing you a safe and easy-as-can-be
    Eagerly awaiting updated news as you continue on your journey. I enjoyed the pictures-keep them coming! God bless you all!

  22. Maria

    You are so in my family’s prayers, Our Father would allow this because He knows you can handle it! You guys are gonna be great (filled with double love) parents! Can’t wait to see more pictures. Stay strong!

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