Simply Beautiful Homemade Cakes Cookbook!

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It’s official! My cookbook, Simply Beautiful Homemade Cakes, is out and available! If you haven’t ordered it yet, now is the time! Choose your preferred retailer below: 🙂

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Cookbook: Simply Beautiful Homemade Cakes by Lindsay Conchar of Life, Love and Sugar

In case you are hearing about my cookbook for the first time, or just don’t remember, here are the details: Simply Beautiful Homemade Cakes: Extraordinary Recipes and Easy Decorating Techniques. It’s got 65 new recipes (including cookie cakes, single layer cakes, cupcakes, layered cakes, ice cream cakes, cheesecakes and more!) and an entire chapter showing you all the tips, tricks and techniques I used to bake and decorate the cakes in the book! Everything from setting up cake pans and piping bags to 15+ tutorials showing you the decorating techniques used in the book. Are you excited yet?!

Here’s a peek at the chapters:
Chapter 1: The Best First Steps to a Beautiful Cake
Chapter 2: Grand Simplicity – Icebox Cakes, Cookie Cakes and Single Layer Cakes
Chapter 3: Delightful Little Bites – Cupcakes
Chapter 4: Towering Beauties – Layered Cakes
Chapter 5: Lovely Frozen Treats – Ice Cream Cakes
Chapter 6: Marvelous Sweets – Cheesecakes
Chapter 7: Dress Up the Season – A Variety of Cakes for Your Favorite Holidays
Chapter 8: Decorating Tips and Tutorials That Take Your Cake from Average to Beautiful

The book is full of so many great cakes! I hope you get a copy and thoroughly enjoy it!

Aaannndddd just in case you missed it, you can get your copy of the cookbook here. 🙂

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Books A Million | Indie Bound

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  1. SUSIE G.

    I’ve made several of your recipes & they’ve turned out great. However, just recently I can’t print/use any recipes because the font is about a 4 & the advertising at the bottom of the first page blocks out several steps. For instance, the Spice Cake recipe’s steps 12-18 are blocked out. I guess I won’t be able to continue receiving the recipes if I don’t have all of the instructions.

    1. Lindsay

      Hmm, I’d probably do the caramel coconut filling as a filling in the middle of the cupcakes. Then I might top the cupcakes with caramel frosting (you’d probably need to increase that recipe to cover them all) and then maybe drizzle them with some chocolate ganache. Maybe even add a little toasted coconut to the top for decoration. If you use the full recipe for the cake, you’d probably end up with about 24 cupcakes, so you might also need additional filling. Hard to know for sure without trying it out. I hope that helps!

  2. Tan Hong

    Hi, Lindsay! Is your book homemade cakes come with another cover? I wanted to order from but the cover of the book shown on the website was different from the one sold on amazon. Can you please clarify my doubt as I would bery much love to order your book. Thanks! Happy easter!

    1. Lindsay

      I can’t guarantee anything, because I’m not real familiar with that site. But I do know that there is another cover floating around. My publisher originally had a different photo being used prior to us choosing the cover. If it’s a grey background with a pink cake, it should be ok.

  3. Angeliki

    I just received your book in Greece. I think i’m in heaven.
    Keep doing what you’re doing, and we’ll keep follow your recipes.
    Best Wishes!!!

    1. Lindsay

      I have shared a few cakes from the book on the site to promote the book, but otherwise the recipes in the book are all new/different.

  4. Elizabeth

    Wow Linsay I am Greatfull meeting your website and found the best cake receipt.. OMG. THANK YOU LOVE from INDONESIA

  5. Charity

    I realized most of my pins on Pinterest were from your site, so I started looking through your blog and really enjoyed everything on here. I saw you had a cake recipe book so added it to my wishlist and got it for my birthday! I’ve made your vanilla layer cake and the cherry chocolate chip ice cream cake and they were both a huge hit and delicious! I’ve been baking for 23 years and been constantly searching for the best and easiest recipes and your vanilla cake is a definite keeper! Can’t wait to try more of them…after my diet ends! ???? May God bless you and your journey with your family. Praying!  

    1. Lindsay

      Thanks so much Charity! Glad to hear you’ve been enjoying the recipes – both in the book and on the site!

      Thank you for the prayers as well!

  6. Jo-Anne Failla

    Hi Lindsay, My name is Jo-Anne Failla!! I am from Australia and I am a a wife to hubby Ross & mother of four Christian boys I am enjoying your blog & your recipes are gorgeous!! I have been cake decorating for almost three years self taught in everything I do it was the first year I had run a family day care from home and in evenings discovered that I can create Artistry into cakes  & bake cakes okay!! God is soo good my first year decorating my hubby entered myself into a few major cake shows and successfully came first with a Special Novice Award and Best exhibit overall!! It’s been Amazing this new journey!  I can’t wait to try your beautiful recipes I am needing a firm moist fudge chocolate mud cake recipe if possible can you post to me!!! God bless you and yr hubby!! Luv Jo-Anne.  I am on instagram : cakeartistrybyjoanne 

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