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A piece of eggnog blondie cheesecake on a plate with another slice and the remaining cake in the background

Eggnog Blondie Cheesecake

  • Author: Lindsay
  • Prep Time: 20 minutes
  • Cook Time: 30 minutes
  • Total Time: 50 minutes
  • Yield: 13
  • Category: Dessert
  • Method: Oven
  • Cuisine: American


This festive Eggnog Cheesecake has a chewy blondie base that’s full of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and cloves. Topped with a smooth, creamy no-bake eggnog cheesecake filling and fluffy homemade whipped cream, it’s the ultimate Christmas dessert!


For the Blondie Crust

  • 1 1/2 cups (195) all purpose flour
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 3/4 tsp ground nutmeg
  • Pinch of cloves
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/4 tsp baking soda
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 3/4 cup (168g) unsalted butter
  • 1 cup (225g) packed light brown sugar
  • 1 tbsp vanilla extract
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 large egg yolk

For the Eggnog Cheesecake Filling

  • 1/2 cup plus 2 tbsp (150ml) eggnog, divided
  • 1 tbsp cornstarch
  • 2 1/4 tsp | 0.25 oz package unflavored gelatin
  • 16 oz cream cheese, room temperature
  • 3/4 cup (155g) sugar
  • 1/2 tsp ground nutmeg
  • 1/2 cup plus 2 tbsp (150ml) heavy whipping cream, cold
  • 1/4 cup (29g) powdered sugar

For the Spiced Whipped Cream

  • 3/4 cup (180ml) heavy whipping cream, cold
  • 6 tbsp (43g) powdered sugar
  • 3/4 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/4 tsp ground nutmeg
  • Pinch of ground cinnamon


Make the Crust

  1. Line the bottom of a 9-inch springform pan with parchment paper and grease the sides. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
  2. Combine the flour, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, baking powder, baking soda and salt in a medium sized bowl. Set aside.
  3. Melt the butter in a microwave safe bowl, then transfer to a mixing bowl.
  4. Add brown sugar and whisk together until well combined.
  5. Add the vanilla, egg and egg yolk and whisk together until well combined.
  6. Add the dry ingredients and whisk together until well combined.
  7. Pour batter into springform pan, spread evenly and bake for 20-25 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean.
  8. Allow to cool for about 5 minutes, then remove from pan to finish cooling.
  9. Clean your springform pan so that you can use it again later.

Make the Filling

  1. Add 2 tablespoons of eggnog to a small bowl and set aside.
  2. Add the other 2 tablespoons to another small bowl. Add the cornstarch and let it dissolve. Add the eggnog/cornstarch mixture and the remaining 6 tablespoons of eggnog to a sauce pan and heat over medium heat, whisking constantly, until the eggnog begins to thicken. Do not boil. Remove from heat and allow to cool. Stir regularly so that it doesn’t get lumpy.
  3. Sprinkle gelatin over the other small bowl of eggnog that was set aside before and let it sit for about 5 minutes, then heat the gelatin in 10 second increments, stirring between, until it’s melted and smooth.
  4. Whisk the gelatin mixture into the warm eggnog/cornstarch mixture until smooth. Continue to let it cool until it’s a little warmer than room temperature.
  5. When the eggnog mixture has cooled, add the cream cheese and sugar to a large mixing bowl and beat until well combined and smooth.
  6. Add the cooled eggnog mixture and nutmeg to the cream cheese mixture and mix until well combined. Set aside.
  7. Add the whipping cream and the powdered sugar to a large mixing bowl and whip on high speed until stiff peaks form.
  8. Fold the whipped cream into the eggnog mixture in 2-3 parts, gently folding until well combined. Set aside.
  9. Grab your springform pan and place the blondie back into the bottom of it. Cut a strip of parchment paper and wrap it around the inside sides of the pan, so that it sits between the sides of the pan and the blondie and sticks up above the sides of the pan just a bit. The cheesecake layer will rest up against the parchment paper instead of the sides of the pan. Then, when you remove the sides of the pan later, the no-bake cheesecake won’t stick to the pan. You’ll be able to peel the non-stick parchment paper off easily and have fairly clean edges.
  10. Spread the cheesecake filling evenly on top of the blondie.
  11. Refrigerate until firm, 5-6 hours or overnight.
  12. When firm, remove the cheesecake from the springform and place on a serving plate. Gently peel the parchment paper off the sides of the cheesecake and use an offset spatula, if needed, to smooth out the sides.

Make the Whipped Cream

  1. Add all the whipped cream ingredients to a large mixing bowl and whip on high speed until stiff peaks form.
  2. Pipe a border around the outer edge of the cheesecake and dust with additional nutmeg, if desired.
  3. Refrigerate cheesecake until ready to serve.


  • Makes 12-14 servings.
  • To Store: Refrigerate well-covered and eat within 3-4 days.
  • To Freeze: Wrap entire cake or individual slices in a layer of plastic wrap and a layer of heavy-duty foil, then freeze. Eat within 1 month for the best results. Thaw frozen cheesecake in the fridge overnight before enjoying.


  • Serving Size: 1 Slice
  • Calories: 438
  • Sugar: 31.9 g
  • Sodium: 193.4 mg
  • Fat: 27.2 g
  • Carbohydrates: 44.1 g
  • Protein: 5.5 g
  • Cholesterol: 88.5 mg

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