Classic Pecan Pie

What is a Pecan Pie?

Crunchy pecans are poured into a delicious pie crust and covered with a sweet, buttery filling bursting with the flavors of rich dark brown sugar and vanilla!

Simple Ingredients

You'll need a few ingredients to make this easy recipe, so round them up and let's get started!

Prep the Crust

Spread the pie crust into a 9-inch pie pan, crimp the edges, and chill in the fridge until you’re ready to fill it.

Make the Filling

Whisk together the eggs, dark corn syrup, dark brown sugar, vanilla, butter, and salt.

Assemble and Bake

Spread the pecans over the pie crust and pour the corn syrup mixture over them. Then bake.


Allow the pie to cool on a wire rack before chilling in the fridge until firm.


Pie can be made 1-2 days ahead and refrigerated until ready to serve.

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