Valentine’s Day Heart Cutout Cookies

overhead image of Valentine's Day Heart Cutout Cookies

These Heart-Shaped Cutout Cookies are super simple, pretty and great for Valentine’s Day! They also make a great treat for gifting.



1. Bake the cutout cookies according to the recipe and set aside to cool.
2. Once cooled, make the royal icing. Divide into two bowls for the two different colors (unless you’ve decided on different colors). You’ll use mostly one color for flooding and a small amount for the details.
3. Color the larger amount with the red and peach icing color and the smaller amount with the pink and peach icing color.
4. Flood the cookies with the pink icing by drawing an outer line around the edge of the cookie, then fill it in. Shake the cookie a bit to help fill in the gaps and smooth out the icing. For more tips, see my tutorial for decorating cookies with royal icing. Allow the pink flood icing to dry before adding the next layer of decoration.
5. Add the decorations with the red icing, then allow to dry. For tips on decorating as shown in the photos, refer to the post above.
6. Cookies should be good stored in an air tight container for about 1 week.

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