The BEST Sugar Cookie Recipes!

1. Chewy Sugar Cookies

These simple sugar cookies don’t need to be chilled and stay wonderfully soft & chewy for DAYS!

2. Brown Sugar Cookies

These cookies are made with plenty of brown sugar for a soft and chewy cookie that’s a delicious spin on the classic!

3. Sprinkle Sugar Cookies

Coat your cookies with a layer of your favorite sprinkles or fold the sprinkles right into the batter.

4. Chocolate Sugar Cookies

These decadent cookies are supremely soft and chewy! No need to chill before baking.

5. Lemon Sugar Cookies

Made with fresh lemon zest and juice, every bite of these cookies is bursting with lemon flavor.

6. Cut Out Sugar Cookies

These are the BEST sugar cookies for decorating! Use icing to decorate them however you like. :)

7. Chocolate Dipped Cookies

Chewy peppermint chocolate sugar cookies dipped in chocolate & crunchy peppermint pieces!

8. Coconut Sugar Cookies

These Coconut Sugar Cookies have soft centers with lightly crisp edges and tons of coconut flavor!

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