My Love Affair with Cheesecake

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I have a bit of a thing for cheesecake. And I’m very particular about the texture of it. I like it thick and creamy. In fact, I don’t even order cheesecake at most restaurants because I’m afraid it just won’t be right. And if something isn’t right, why waste the calories?

slice of plain cheesecake on white plate

Growing up, I always got a hard time from my family. They found it fascinating how I’d eat cheesecake. Every bite had to have crust. And before I moved onto the next bite, I made sure there were no remnants of the previous one left on the plate. When I was done, you wouldn’t even know the plate ever had food on it. It was wiped clean. No joke.

Can you tell I’m a little OCD at times?

And this vanilla cheesecake is definitely awesome. The flavor and texture are just right. It’s quick, easy and delicious! And you cook it right in the oven without a water bath.

It’s perfect for taking a fork and just digging in while nobody’s looking. If nobody’s looking then the calories don’t count, right? RIGHT?!?

Few! That’s what I thought. ๐Ÿ™‚

image of whole cheesecake with one slice removed

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