Melt in your mouth Strawberry Cupcakes

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I have always loved strawberries. Growing up, they were my favorite fruit. I’d always get a bunch of them when they were in season, wash and cut them, and cover them in sugar. Duh! Then I’d have them ready to eat everyday after school.

So naturally I am a big fan of a good strawberry cupcake as well. And these puppies don’t disappoint.


image of Moist Strawberry Cupcake on a white napkin

The strawberry speckled cake and the light strawberry icing just melts in your mouth. I could eat these all day long.

My husband, who is not a big sweets person (I know, crazy right!?), is one of my taste testers. I know. That seems weird since I just said he’s not a sweets person. But he’s great at giving me his honest opinion and if he tells me it’s good, just too sweet, I totally ignore him :). There’s no such thing as too sweet.


When I took a forkful of this cupcake to him to taste, he immediately stopped what he was doing, gave me a wide eyed look, and said “That is gooooood.” He then followed me to the kitchen to come get his own. No joke. And I couldn’t blame him. Like I said, this recipe doesn’t disappoint. Not if you like strawberry. Whether you like things super sweet or not, this delivers.

close up image of homemade strawberry cupcake on a white napkin

So here you go! Enjoy!

My strawberry cupcakes have been updated and improved!
You can find the new Fresh Strawberry Cupcakes recipe here.