Tutorial: Doily Cake Pops

I’m into doilies right now. They can really dress things up, they’re kind of sweet, they give things a natural feel and add great texture. And I love texture. I’ve seen a number of amazing cakes with doilies on them that make me drool. And while I’d love to dive right into making one of them, I just don’t have a reason to make a large doily cake (other than sheer fun) right now. So I decided to go small and make a doily cake pop.
image of three Easy Doily Cake Pops on white plate


I personally think they are awesome and pair perfectly with my ruffly flower pops. So sweet.
image of ruffle cake pops and doily cake pops


So here’s a little tutorial on how to make them yourself. Pretty quick and easy. Just how I like it.

Supplies you need:

Fondant or gumpaste (or a 50/50 mix of both)
Rolling pin
Rose cutters (large and small)
Gum glue (mix of gumpaste and water)
Rolling board
Veining tool
Wilton tip 1
Wilton tip 101




image of fondant on mat
1. Roll out your fondant/gumpaste pretty thin and yse your large and small rose cutters to cut out the shape for the doily. I made one large and 3 small.
image of adding holes to fondant flower
2. Use the top of tip 1 to make holes in the large doily. Go around the outside of each petal, putting 4 or 5 holes on each.
adding holes and teardrops to fondant flower
3. Use tip 101 to cut out teardrop shapes in the center. Use the veining tool to clear away the edges if you need to.
finished fondant doily flower
Finished large doily
small fondant flower with holes
4. Use tip 1 on the small rose cutout. I again started on the edge and moved to the inside.


adding glue to fondant flowers
5. When all the doilies are done. Put gum glue onto the back of them to attach to the cake pop. I would not let them dry first. If they get too hard, they wont mold to the shape of the cake pop well.
Doily flowers attached to cake pop
Finished cake pop!
Finished Doily Cake Pops



Thanks for reading!

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  1. allyoudoiseat

    These are so gorgeous! I’m thinking of making cake pops for an upcoming Baking Day Challenge. These are really pretty. Thanks for the inspiration!

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