Amaretto Cheesecake


This post is sponsored by ALDI, but all opinions are my own. This Amaretto Cheesecake is the bee’s knees. It is thick, creamy and full of Amaretto flavor, and it was a massive hit! I did not want to stop eating it. So about a week ago, I told you about my trip to the ALDI test kitchen in Illinois. We tasted all kinds of awesome food, and we also got a bit of a wine education from certified Sommelier, Leslee Miller. This girl knows her stuff! We got to taste all kinds of wine and learn about the right ways to taste them and how to pair them with foods. Being that I am not a huge wine drinker (I stick to the sweet stuff), it was a big learning experience and it was pretty interesting. It’s amazing how so many things can affect a wine. One thing we learned about was the difference between Old … [Read more...]

Eggnog Cupcakes


These Eggnog Cupcakes are full of awesome eggnog flavor! They’ve got eggnog in the cupcake and the icing - yes! You know I like my flavors strong and these cupcakes are no exception. :) So we had a pretty nice, relaxing weekend. Saturday morning we were up way too early, but it was for a good cause. One of the women in our small group works for the fundraising department of St. Jude’s Childrens Hospital, so we joined in for the Give Thanks Walk. We brought Jessie and she loved the 2 1/2 mile walk and being outside with us. She totally could have gone another 2 1/2 miles. Then there was a food drive at church Sunday and they’ve been collecting Operation Christmas Child boxes, so we went and got food for the food drive and all kinds of things for the boxes. I love doing the OCC boxes. It always … [Read more...]

Frosted Sugar Cookie Bars


These Frosted Sugar Cookie Bars are a classic! Everyone should have a go-to soft, chewy and delicious sugar cookie bar recipe. This is definitely that recipe! With the holiday season officially upon us, cookie plates are going to be going around like crazy. All the baked goods are definitely one of the best parts of the holidays - in my opinion anyways. I remember making cookies every year at Christmas with my mom and younger brother. We would actually do a few varieties of cookies. Some went to feed Santa on Christmas Eve and the rest were used for the Christmas party my parents hosted on Christmas Day. I always loved seeing which cookies got eaten first. One cookie that was always included was sugar cookies. We'd decorate them with Christmas colored icing. Sometimes we'd even use cookie … [Read more...]

Rocky Road Cookie Cake

Rocky Road Cookie Cake - a warm, gooey, chocolatey cookie cake full of chocolate chips, marshmallows and nuts! So good!

This Rocky Road Cookie Cake is everything you could want out of a cookie cake. It's soft, chewy and oh-so-gooey! A chocolate cookie stuffed with chocolate chips, nuts and marshmallow fluff, then topped with more chocolate chips, nuts and marshmallows, this baby was described by one of my taste testers as "change your life good." Oh yea! So this past Sunday I hosted a baby shower for one of the women in my small group. All of our baby showers (3 now) have been couple showers, so we avoid things like decorating onesies and opt for guessing the price of baby stuff kind of games so that the guys can get into it - at least a little. This past Sunday actually involved some football watching as well, given the time of day on Sunday. Not your usual baby shower, huh? :) It was a great success! The … [Read more...]

Brownie Brittle Peppermint Chocolate Pie


This Brownie Brittle Peppermint Chocolate Pie is totally getting me in the holiday spirit! I've been holding out for as long as I can with all the Christmas flavors, but I can't resist sharing this pie with you any longer. Chocolate, peppermint and Brownie Brittle are just too good together. One of the things I love about this pie is that it's actually a no bake pie! No need to turn on your oven! You will use the stove, but not for long. This pie comes together so easily. I started of with one of my favorite things in the crust - Brownie Brittle. It was my first time using Brownie as a crust and oh em gee, was it a good call. It's like having a crunchy brownie crust without all the work of baking brownies. The taste is perfection. The Brownie Brittle and some melted butter are combined and … [Read more...]

My Trip to the ALDI Test Kitchens


This post is sponsored by ALDI, but all opinions are my own. If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen pictures from my trip to Chicago last week to visit with the folks from ALDI and see the ALDI test kitchen. The trip was a ton of fun packed with food and wine! Not a bad way to spend a day, right? :) If you’ve read my other posts about ALDI (here), then you know that ALDI stores are new to me. I didn’t grow up with them and I’ve only recently learned more about them. And I’ve totally fallen in love - especially after this trip. Two of my biggest takeaways from this trip were learning about their commitment to quality - that all their products need to meet or exceed the taste and quality of national brand products (and they do!) - and that they have some super tasty wines. I am a fan. … [Read more...]

Nutella Chocolate Cake


This Nutella Chocolate Cake is a delicious combination of an incredibly moist chocolate cake and a sweet, delicious Nutella icing, all covered in chocolate ganache. Delish! So I mentioned Monday that I spent the weekend with my cousin who was due with her baby any day. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy last night, less than 48 hours after I left. I would have bet money it was going to be a girl and most of our family agreed. He's definitely a boy though and we can't wait to spoil him! I'm totally bummed I miss the birth though. You may or may not have read this post from September, but if you read it, then you know about the hubs and I's struggle with miscarriage and trying to conceive. I don't know if spending time with my cousin and her husband this weekend is what did it, or if I just am … [Read more...]

White Chocolate Dipped Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies


These White Chocolate Dipped Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies are some of my very favorite cookies! Have you ever had a cookie dipped in white chocolate before? It’s the best! And these are absolutely perfect for this time of year. This weekend was a lot of fun. After spending some time with the folks from ALDI (which I’ll talk more about later this week), I got to spend the weekend with my cousin, who is expecting a baby any day now. We were all hoping that she’d have the baby while I was there, but the baby just was not going to cooperate. So by the time I was leaving yesterday, we were making our predictions for when it would finally make an appearance. The one good thing about the baby not coming yet was that I got to spend a little more chill time with my cousin and her husband. They are total … [Read more...]

Vanilla Buttercream Icing


Today I'm talking all about vanilla buttercream icing. It's something I feel strongly about and I get some regular questions about it, so I figure why not just chat about it a bit? It's one of the most important things to have a good basic vanilla buttercream, and I do mine a little differently than most. Let's start a by talking a little about how I arrived at my ideal vanilla icing. When I started making cakes about 4 years ago, I started by taking Wilton classes at a Michael's craft store. Taking that class and having to make icing was literally the very first time I'd made icing from scratch. Hard to believe, right? Fact. Wilton's recommended icing used all shortening. It was a very sweet icing, super thick and kind of...oily or something. Shortening can be that way. Not ideal. All … [Read more...]

Caramel Cream Cupcakes


I have been a fan of Caramel Cream candies for as long as I can remember. Both the caramel and the cream take me to a happy place. These cupcakes do just that as well. With a brown sugar, browned butter cupcake, cream filling and caramel icing, these Caramel Cream Cupcakes are as sweet and delicious as the candy! I love them. :) So over the last week or so, we've be trying out different shades of light blue to finally paint our living room. We've been in our house for about 4 years and it was new when we bought it. We've yet to paint and we are finally getting on it. I'm telling you, picking a paint color is tough! We had little patches of about 8 different shades on one wall and I went back and forth many times. I finally picked a shade and the hubs is painting a wall at a time. He likes … [Read more...]

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