Monster Cookie Cheesecake Pie


This Monster Cookie Cheesecake Pie is everything you'd want - a delicious, soft monster cookie stuffed with a creamy peanut butter cheesecake. The whole thing is chewy, peanut buttery and totally yummy! So I mentioned Friday that I was going to see Boyz II Men and En Vogue in concert Friday night and I just wanted to tell you - it was AMAZING! If they are coming to your city, you have got to go! First of all, the venue was awesome. I'd never been to Chastain Park, so we were totally unprepared, but it's totally unique. It's outdoors and has tons of space between each row, so shaking my tail feather was not a problem at all. :) And you can bring in tv trays and coolers. They even have signs outside letting you know the maximum dimensions for them. I so wish we'd known because all around us people … [Read more...]

Almond Joy Pie


This Almond Joy Pie is pure coconut heaven! With all the sweets in our house right now, this is the one I cannot. stop. eating. I imagined it to be good, but not this good! And even though you have to use the stove a little bit, there's no actual baking required so it's super easy to make! Whew! What a busy week this has been! No new giveaways today, but be sure to check out the other two from this week. I'm giving away a KitchenAid Mixer and an iPad Mini! You don't want to miss out! Plus, there's a Back To School $400 cash giveaway happening too. Gotta love free stuff! Many times, I wish I was able to hand you a fork through the computer screen and give you free samples. Free samples are the best. It's one of the few reasons to brave going to Costco on a Sunday. They are just fun. Plus, you could … [Read more...]

Peach Pie


I made a Peach Pie! I’m sure you could tell that from the title and all, but I’m kind of excited about it! It’s hard to believe, but this is my first real pie pie I’ve posted on the blog. I have a Strawberry Cream Pie, which is fruity, but not the same kind of traditional pie that I think of when I think of a true fruit pie. Most of the other pies I've made are either frozen or custard based. So yea, I pat myself on the back for this one. Feels like a milestone and accomplishment. :) I don’t know about you, but with school starting so soon, it feels like summer is coming to a quick end. And not like a kid’s summer - that’s definitely ending - but like the warm weather. I know we still have a couple months of it left, but I’m already trying to enjoy the remaining fruit deals while they last. I want … [Read more...]

Strawberry Cream Pie


This Strawberry Cream Pie is the stuff dreams are made of. It is strawberry and cream heaven and as soon as I tasted it, I knew I’d be in love forever. So did you guys know that today is Pi Day?! You know, as in March 14th —> 3.14 - like the math number? All the math geeks come out in droves, fill the streets and eat pie until they explode! Ok, so not really. But it is a great day to celebrate the number pi with some actual pie. So a bunch of us bloggers have come together to bring you all kinds of amazing pie! Best. day. EVER! :) My contribution is this beautiful and delicious Strawberry Cream Pie. I’ve actually been wanting to make this pie for quite some time. Since last summer, as a matter of fact. I have always loved strawberries, especially when covered in sugar which is basically … [Read more...]

Baileys Chocolate Pie


This Baileys Chocolate Pie is an amazing mix of chocolate and Baileys! It has Baileys in every chocolatey layer - the filling, the ganache and the whipped cream! It's rich in flavor and smooth and velvety in texture. The texture of each layer is slightly different though, so if you're a texture person like me, it's fun. :) The filling is smooth, thick and pudding-like. The ganache is thicker and richer. And the whipped cream is light and…whipped. Mmmm. If you haven't noticed already, I'm a Baileys fan. I'm not really a big drinker, but I love to bake with it. I've made a number treat with it, like No Bake Baileys Cookie Balls and Baileys Puppy Chow. This pie is being added to the list. However, if you aren't as big a fan of Baileys as I am, it's really easy to reduce the amount use to … [Read more...]

No Bake Strawberry Lemon Cookie Pie


This No Bake Strawberry Lemon Cookie Pie is light (in flavor), SO easy to make and completely delicious! The strawberry and lemon are such a great combo! And I love the pop of color from the strawberry. :) I made it over this past weekend, while my parents were in town. I knew I wanted to make it before we met up with my brother and his family for dinner Saturday night. I had about a 30-45 minute window. This recipe was inspired by this one, so I had it all planned out. My mom sat in the kitchen and watched, amazed, as I whipped this pie together. "Even I can do that!" Yes, you can! It's SO easy! And as she pointed out, it's even easier if you buy the premade crust. The crust is really the only thing that could even be remotely complicated. And really, graham cracker crusts are as easy as … [Read more...]

Chocolate Hazelnut Chess Pie with Rolos


This Chocolate Hazelnut Chess Pie is totally indulgent! It is the richness and sweetness of a chocolate hazelnut spread in pie form. A pie with loads of sugar and eggs. Like I said - indulgent. And SO worth it! When I was contacted about trying a sample of Nocciolata, a hazelnut spread with cocoa and milk, I couldn't wait! It's organic, uses ingredients such as dark chocolate from the Antillean Islands, Italian hazelnuts, brown sugar, skim milk and Bourbon vanilla extract. Delicious! It's also gluten-free, kosher and has no palm oil, hydrogenated fat, artificial flavors or artificial colors. Isn't it great that since Nocciolata is organic and uses skim milk it makes this pie healthy? Ha! Wouldn't that be nice? ;) I was really excited to bake with it, but it was so hard deciding what to … [Read more...]

No Bake Pumpkin Pie in a Jar and a Giveaway!


I’m honored to have been selected by Darden Restaurants to create a recipe inspired by the seasonal desserts at Olive Garden, Red Lobster and LongHorn Steakhouse. You guys! I am SO excited to share my first giveaway on the blog with you today! When I was asked to try the seasonal pumpkin desserts at Olive Garden, Red Lobster and Longhorn Steakhouse, I couldn't wait! I absolutely LOVE trying desserts and comparing them. And getting to create a recipe inspired by one of the desserts is totally up my alley! Plus, I get to give one of my awesome readers (maybe you!) a gift card too! Does it get any better? Though I'm sure you can guess from the pictures and title of the post which dessert I chose to recreate, let's start by taking a look at the line up of desserts, shall we? The hubs went with me … [Read more...]

Smores Chocolate Pie


This Smores Chocolate Pie is a wonderful, addicting blend of graham cracker and chocolate, piled high with marshmallows. And it's nice and easy to make - very similar to my No Bake Nutella, Peanut Butter and Marshmallow Pie (one of my favorites!), if you've ever made that. Over the summer, my work (the day job) changed offices. At first, I was pretty excited about it. It cut my commute from about an hour to about a half hour. Who wouldn't love that?! The only problem is we went from having our own office space with pretty much a full kitchen, to kind of a shared space. It was initially just for the summer, but they liked the mobility of it so much that it's now permanent - at least for 6 months. I'm totally cool with it - I like the space and it's so much closer (even though traffic is less … [Read more...]

Lemon Icebox Pie


This Lemon Icebox Pie recipe is the perfect marriage of two of my favorite things. The wonderfully sweet tartness of lemon and the soft and creamy texture of a key lime pie. It is seriously hard to stop eating. And even though it's an icebox pie, it's awesome both frozen and refrigerated. It totally depends on your preference. Refrigerated is more like the soft, creamy texture of key lime pie, but when it's frozen it's firmer (and sometimes I really dig that). Fortunately, even when it's frozen it never really gets hard so it maintains that smoothness that I love! And it's not hard to make. The directions for a graham cracker crust are pretty straight forward. Some crumbs mixed with sugar and butter, then you press it into the pan. My favorite kind of pie crust - quick and easy. Of course if … [Read more...]

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