Caramel Apple Trifles


These Caramel Apple Trifles are the perfect apple treat - no bake, super easy and full of cinnamon! It's also my last recipe for Apple Week. It's sad to see it go, but be sure to check out my blondie cheesecake and layered cake. So many tasty apple choices! Julianne, from Beyond Frosting, has been cranking out some awesome apple recipes too, so be sure to check out her cheesecake bars, muffins and ice cream. So the craziest thing happened the other night. I was sleeping peacefully when all of a sudden the tv in our bedroom came on. Immediately I turned to accuse the hubs of waking me up. I was ready to banish him to the living room to go watch that tv. I had my death stare ready to go but when I looked over at him, he was passed out cold. Not even moving. I called his name and woke him up and … [Read more...]

Easy Caramel Sauce

Easy and delicious caramel sauce!

This Caramel Sauce is a very easy one to make - and it’s my favorite! I love the flavor that you get from a caramel made with brown sugar! And this version is harder to burn and ruin - a definite plus! Fall is quickly approaching and I’ve been enjoying some seriously nice weather recently. We have a little outdoor area at the building where I work. I can sit in the shade and work and the last few days have been beautiful - almost chilly. It’s totally getting me in the mood for fall and all the flavors that fall brings - especially apple! And caramel is the perfect pair for apple, don’t you agree? You can totally expect to see this caramel sauce coming up in a few upcoming posts. I’m pumped. Caramel is absolutely one of those things I can't get enough of. And like I said, this caramel sauce … [Read more...]

Brownie Brittle Birthday Cake Icebox Cupcakes


These Brownie Brittle Birthday Cake Icebox Cupcakes are a light and delicious treat! Plus, they're no bake and super easy to make. And aren't they so darn cute? When I was at the BlogHer Food Conference back in May, I had the pleasure of meeting some folks from Brownie Brittle. I was super pumped, because I hadn’t actually tried it before, but had been wanting to. It is some seriously tasty stuff! I kept grabbing more bags of it to bring home and let the hubs try it. It seriously tastes just like a crisp, chocolatey brownie. But possibly even better, because you can eat it like it’s a chip. Somehow that feels less guilty to me than an actual brownie. :) Plus there are four amazing flavors - chocolate chip, mint chocolate chip, toffee and salted caramel. If you haven’t seem them in your grocery … [Read more...]

Red Velvet Oreo Trifles in a jar


These Red Velvet Oreo Trifles in a jar have layers of moist red velvet cake, chopped Oreos, no bake Oreo cheesecake and chocolate sauce! Chocolatey, easy to make and so tasty! So we had kind of a crazy Saturday night. We out on the boat during the day, which we hadn't done in a few weeks. It started out great - we took our black lab and our friends brought along their dog. It ended up not being too terribly hot, so the dogs actually did pretty well. The lake was pretty busy though so we waited until a little later to start tubing and wake boarding. The last tuber was the hubs, who decided he wanted me to come out and ride with him, so I did. Unfortunately, on our first run we hit a pretty big wave and when I came down on the tube, my chest hit first and my back bent, with my legs kind … [Read more...]

Peach Streusel Popsicles


This post is sponsored by Lucky Leaf, but all opinions are my own. I don't know about you, but it has been crazy hot in Atlanta recently. You just step into the sun and sweat like crazy. Well, these Peach Streusel Popsicles are the prefect treat on a hot day like that - cool and refreshing! Plus, with the addition of Lucky Leaf Peach Pie filling, they are the perfect summer-y fruit flavor! They're like a peach pie in popsicle form - loaded with cinnamon and brown sugar. I have been dying over peaches lately. It is peach season and I love baking with them, so when Lucky Leaf sent me some peach filling to bake with, I couldn't wait! Their pie fillings are delicious and are great for using in baking. I tried their cherry filling a few months ago in this ice cream cake and loved it. The peach … [Read more...]

S’mores Pizza


This S'mores Pizza is melty, gooey and dripping in chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker crumbs. It's the perfect summer dessert without needing the campfire! And it's made on a pie crust - crazy! After making my Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pizza a few months ago on a pie crust, I knew I'd be using pie crust for another pizza some time soon. The buttery, flaky crust gives extra flavor and because it's so thin, you don't have a ton of bread dough taking away from the flavors piled on top. It's surprisingly awesome and gives new meaning to the phrase "pizza pie". :) It's also quite easy to make. Obviously, you start with the pie crust. Lay that flat on a pie pan or cookie sheet that is large enough. Melt one tablespoon of butter and spread that onto the pie crust, then top it with … [Read more...]

Fluffernutter Puppy Chow


This Fluffernutter Puppy Chow is a fun, easy treat to make! And it combines two delicious flavors - peanut butter and marshmallow. Have you ever had a fluffernutter sandwich? It was a favorite of mine growing up and it inspired this puppy chow (and a few other recipes on the blog). It's a the easiest sandwich to make - marshmallow fluff and peanut butter. Often, I like to add some Nutella too. You know, just to up the health factor. ;) And today I'm sharing this recipe over on Wine and Glue! Lisa just had a new little baby girl and is taking some time to be with her family, so I'm helping out today by sharing this recipe. I hope you'll head over and check it out. And you should definitely check out her beautiful little baby girl, Piper. She is absolutely adorable! Here are some … [Read more...]

Guava and Cheese Pastries


These Guava and Cheese Pastries are one of the easiest breakfasts you'll ever make. But don't think that easy means lack of flavor, because in this case, it most certainly does not. These pastries are delicious! So I've mentioned it before, but the hubs and I used to live in South Florida - Fort Lauderdale to be exact, which is just north of Miami - before moving to 'burbs of Atlanta. We absolutely loved it there. And honestly, I didn't fully realize just how much I loved it until we'd already left. Yes, it's kind of a concrete jungle. And it can get SUPER hot. But. It is warm all year long. The beach is amazing. The culture and food are amazing. I love all the salsa! I can't do it myself, but I love to watch. Plus, we have some pretty fabulous friends that live down there. If it weren't so … [Read more...]

Banana Pudding Puppy Chow


This Banana Pudding Puppy Chow is absolutely delicious and unmistakably banana pudding flavored. It gets it's banana flavor from dry banana pudding mix! This puppy chow has been on my list of things to try for forever! I've had the banana pudding mix sitting in the pantry since some time last year. I'm not really sure why it's taken me so long. Maybe it's that my list of things I want to make is too long. :) But finally a couple weeks ago, the hubs said that it'd been a while since I'd made puppy chow and he was requesting one. It's just such a great snack and the hubs doesn't make requests often, so of course I obliged! And because we are both such banana lovers, I knew it was time to make the banana version. I wasn't entirely sure if it'd even work well with the banana pudding mix. … [Read more...]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pizza

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pizza - pie crust, oreo crumbs, chocolate ganache and eggless cookie dough!

Welcome to Cookie Dough Week! Are you as pumped as I am?! We've got 15 amazing bloggers, bringing you some delicious recipes this week (all the links are further down in this post)! My first recipe is this Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pizza. It is so delicious and easy to make, I couldn't wait to share it will you! It's a Pillsbury pie crust, crusted with Oreo crumbs, topped with chocolate ganache and chocolate chip cookie dough. I finished it off with some chocolate sauce and additional chocolate chips. Simply amazing. I had this idea for a while before I knew exactly how I'd execute it. I absolutely loved the idea. There's been a lot of super fun cookie pizzas swirling around as of late and I've been wanting to make my own. However, with it being cookie dough week, I wanted to stay true to the … [Read more...]

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