Black Forest Ice Cream Cake


This post is part of the Lucky Leaf Spring campaign and contains sponsored content, but all opinions are my own. When I was approached to join the Lucky Leaf Spring campaign and create a recipe using their pie filling, this Black Forest Ice Cream Cake immediately came to mind! With spring finally showing itself, I knew it was the perfect time for another ice cream cake. Plus, this flavor is one I've been wanting to make for a while and I was pumped to finally have a chance to make it! Luck Leaf has a number of pie filling flavors that you can use in so many ways - pies, cakes, tarts, etc. They sent me cherry, blueberry and strawberry. I obviously used the cherry for this recipe, but I can't wait to try the others. Once I had this cake made and tasted it, I was so excited - it's delicious! If … [Read more...]

Oreo Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Cake


This Oreo Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Cake might just be my favorite ice cream cake yet! Especially if you're an Oreo fan, which I am. It’s like eating the creamiest, most tasty Oreo filled ice cream dessert ever. You might find it strange that I'm posting not one, but two frozen treats in the month of January, but I see no reason to boycott ice cream at any point in the year. I eat it year round! In fact, just the other day I sat in front of the lovely fire the hubs made with a carton and went to town on a left over carton of eggnog ice cream. No shame here. And this ice cream cake is definitely worth making, no matter the weather. I stuffed it with as many Oreos as I could without literally putting a pile of Oreos on a plate. You’ll need just about a whole package. No skimping folks. And … [Read more...]

Kahlua Ice Cream Pie


This wonderful pie is a copycat version of the Kahlua Ice Cream Pie from On The Border. It is one of the hubs and I's favorite desserts! Have you ever been to On The Border? It’s a mexican restaurant. The hubs and I love it. We used to go all the time, but there isn’t really one near us anymore. I didn’t really grow up eating mexican food - it just wasn’t something my mom cooked a lot of. I credit the hubs for really introducing me to and helping develop my love for it. Especially when it’s something smothered in cheese…I have a weakness for melted cheese. Anyways, this dessert has long been an agreed upon favorite between us. Since we can’t go and get it as often as we used to, it’s only natural that I’d finally get around to making my own version. Speaking of favorite versions…my … [Read more...]

Raspberry Cheesecake Ice Cream Cupcakes


These Raspberry Cheesecake Ice Cream Cupcakes are so creamy and delicious, you'll want to eat them all. And to make them quick and easy to make, they require no ice cream machine - score! I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas! Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Christmas is my favorite holiday. For me, it's all about getting to spend time with the family and celebrate the birth of our savior. We also get to celebrate my birthday. Yes, my birthday is on Christmas day. :) So far, it's been a fantastic birthday week, not that I usually celebrate for a week or anything. We went to the Carolina Panthers football game on Sunday and it was an AWESOME game! Such a big win that clinched a spot in the playoffs. Plus, we beat the New Orleans Saints! I don't know if you watch football or saw the game … [Read more...]

Peppermint Brownie Ice Cream Cake


This Peppermint Brownie Ice Cream Cake is out of this world! If you aren't quite ready for Christmas yet, this cake recipe will definitely put you in the mood for Christmas desserts. Particularly peppermint desserts. The ice cream is perfectly creamy and pepperminty. The peppermint crunch pieces add the right amount of crunch to the ice cream. And the texture of the chewy brownie is the perfect contrast to the creamy ice cream. Plus, the ice cream requires no ice cream machine. Rock on! Truthfully, I'm not quite sure that I'm totally ready for Christmas. It just doesn't *feel* like it yet. I mean, lets be real. It was 70 degrees in Atlanta on Sunday - 70! That's just not right for November. And to me, Christmas means cold weather and hot chocolate. But in terms of the Christmas spirit, I'm getting … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Spice Nutella Ice Cream Pie


This Pumpkin Spice Nutella Ice Cream Pie is creamy, light and delightfully pumpkiny with just the right amount of spice! Two of the things I most look forward to come fall is pumpkin coffee creamer and pumpkin ice cream. Who says that because warm weather is on the way out that ice cream should be too? Not me! Bring on the pumpkin ice cream! And because you all seem to like my ice cream pies and cakes so much, I decided to make it into an ice cream pie. The best of both worlds - ice cream and pie! Score! The fact that it's in a pie crust makes it the perfect substitute for those who don't like actual pumpkin pie, but still like pumpkin flavor. You lose the texture of the pumpkin pie, and gain the creamy texture of ice cream - all in a yummy Oreo crust! And guess what! No ice cream machine … [Read more...]

Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Pie


So if you've been following the blog, particularly this summer, you know that I have had a thing for frozen treats recently. The are just so perfect for the hot weather in the summer and I love the ice cream base I use because you don't need an ice cream maker. This Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Pie is another great frozen recipe and is completely no-bake! Plus, it's full of awesome chocolate and peanut butter flavor! Who doesn't love that? To read the full post and check out the recipe, head over to Skip to My Lou, where I'm guest posting today! Skip to My Lou is a wonderful, fun site full of crafts, recipes, free printables and more! … [Read more...]

One ingredient Strawberry Ice Cream


Whew! It's been a crazy couple of weeks. Between having family in town and trying to get the blog moved over to a self-hosted blog, I've been busy. Fortunately, the blog was transferred over and updated over the weekend. And I finally got all the email subscribers transferred over just a few hours ago. :) The new things I'm most excited about: 1. The home page looks a little different - less scrolling involved to get to more content 2. I'm using a new plugin to format the recipes that allows you to print them without having to print the whole post and the comments. Saving one tree at a time! 3. New ways to share the recipes at the bottom of each post There are a few other little things that I notice, but you guys won't. Hopefully I can bring even more to you over time. :) So I'm … [Read more...]

Mint Oreo Brownie Ice Cream Cake


Follow me with Bloglovin. The response to my Snickers Peanut Butter Brownie Ice Cream Cake has been so awesome - it's easily the most popular recipe on the blog ever since I posted it. I'm so glad you all love it! It's seriously delicious and people have had a lot of success with it, so naturally I thought it deserved a follow up. :) Initially, I got a number of questions about the Cool Whip in it and whether or not real whipped cream could replace it. Not wanting to tell anyone incorrectly, I had to try it myself and then give you the recipe. Well, I gave you the homemade whipped cream recipe a couple weeks ago, but I've been holding out on you with the cake I actually tested it with - Mint Oreo Brownie Ice Cream Cake. Friends. This might be even better than the Snickers one! The chocolate … [Read more...]

One Ingredient Banana Ice Cream


Did you know that you can make awesome soft serve banana ice cream with nothing but frozen bananas? It's true! And it's delicious, obviously healthy and so easy to make! Plus, it's easy to add whatever mix-ins you want - chocolate chips, caramel sauce (my choice :) ), you name it! To start, you need - you got it - bananas! They can be really ripe and browned or not, depending on how strong you want the banana flavor to be (or how strong your willpower to wait for them to brown is :) ). I used 3 bananas. Just slice them into chunks and freeze until hard. When they are good and frozen, toss them into a food processor and chop those babies up. It will initially just break the big chunks into smaller chunks. You'll need to scrape down the sides a few times. It will be pretty thick and it'll take … [Read more...]