No Bake Eggnog Icebox Cake

This post is sponsored by Walkers Shortbread, but all opinions are my own.This Eggnog Icebox Cake has layers of a light and airy eggnog mouse, Walkers Shortbread, and whipped cream. It's no bake, so it's nice and easy to put together and is perfect for sharing for the holidays!I don't know about you, but we've been indulging in eggnog since it arrived in stores. I'm pretty sure we've been through at least 10 cartons of it already. I'm not even kidding. If you can't tell, we are big eggnog fans. So naturally the idea of eating it in a delicious icebox cake was perfect! :)We are also shortbread fans. The hubs loves dipping shortbread into tea and I love baking with it. So I was obviously excited to work with Walkers Shortbread on incorporating their tasty cookies into this icebox cake. They … [Read more...]

BAILEYS™ Frosted Vanilla Cookie Layer Cake

This post is sponsored by BAILEYS™ Coffee Creamers, but all opinions are my own.This BAILEYS™ Frosted Vanilla Cookie Layer Cake is to die for and so fun! With BAILEYS™ Coffee Creamer Frosted Vanilla Cookie in the cake and icing, and crushed up sugar cookies in the filling, it combines two great desserts into one.So as you should know by now, I love my BAILEYS™ Coffee Creamers. They are the best for your morning coffee. I’ve gotten so that I can’t even deal with milk and sugar when I’m traveling. It’s just not the same. My mom even keeps her fridge stocked with it when I’m visiting. She knows what’s up.And it adds the best flavor and moisture to desserts. I’ve used them in this poke cake, cupcakes, coffee cake, and this seriously amazing caramel blended coffee. I’m never disappointed.But … [Read more...]

Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

This Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake is super soft and chewy. It's basically your new favorite giant cookie - filled with chocolate chips, white chocolate chips and peanut butter chips. Get you some!So after being gone this past weekend for an extended weekend, the hubs was ready for me to come home. Apparently without me home it's starts to smell too much like "dude" and it's too quiet. He wanted my girly smell back and the constant sound of the mixer.Come again? You actually missed the sound of the mixer?Plus, it was apparently too dark because nobody was here to open the blinds - ha!And of course in typical hubs fashion, he had a surprise waiting for me at home and he couldn't wait to show me.In typical me fashion, I walked in the house and didn't pick up on it. He told me to … [Read more...]

Turtle Chocolate Layer Cake

This Turtle Chocolate Layer Cake is a super moist chocolate cake filled with caramel icing, pecans and chocolate ganache. It’s delicious and the perfect cake for today. Today I’m celebrating the life of a blogging friend, Joan from Chocolate, Chocolate and More, who was taken from this world much too soon just last week. It also just happens to be National Chocolate Day, which is a fitting day for a woman who loved chocolate as much as Joan.Joan is in the middleI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. One of my favorite parts about blogging is the wonderful other bloggers I’ve met and become friends with. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes of a blog and having the support of others who understand it and become friends is a blessing.Joan is one of the wonderful bloggers I had the … [Read more...]

Cotton Candy Cupcakes

These Cotton Candy Cupcakes are not only fun, they are delicious! They taste just like cotton candy! They'd be especially great for a celebration and kids would love them.So it's been a while since I've talked about football. Perhaps you've even forgotten which team I root for. Well despite living in Atlanta, I'm a massive Carolina Panthers fan. I grew up in Charlotte, NC and have been going to Panthers games since they started. Like literally since before they had a stadium and they played at Clemson stadium. My dad would pile us all in the car and drive us to South Carolina for every home game.And my love goes even deeper. My first crush was a Panthers football player. I was in 5th grade. His name was Kerry Collins. Our very first quarterback. #truestoryIn fact, just to get even more … [Read more...]

Red Wine Chocolate Cake

Boy have I got a cake for you today! This Red Wine Chocolate Cake might be one of my favorite cakes I've ever made. Not only is it super moist and amazing in flavor, but I had so much fun decorating it! I can't even tell you how badly I've been dying to share it.So this post is going to be jam-packed. Feel free to scroll right down to the recipe, but if you are interested in the decorating part keep reading. :)You may or may not know by now, but one of my favorite things to make is cakes. All kinds of cake really, but layered cakes are especially fun to decorate. I'm totally a fan of decorating cakes in more simple ways too. The less I have to deal with fondant the better. While this cake may not look super simple to make, it's not hard. It's really just covered in a some raspberries and a bunch … [Read more...]

Cinnamon Streusel Pumpkin Coffee Cake

This Cinnamon Streusel Pumpkin Coffee Cake is the perfect fall breakfast! It's easy to put together, so moist and full of pumpkin - yes!I'm officially ready for fall flavors. Between the Pumpkin Butterscotch Chip Cookies I shared last week and now this coffee cake, it's fall on the blog, my friends.The cool temperatures are making dog-walking a much more enjoyable activity and pumpkin spice coffee in the morning has become a regular. The only thing that could make my mornings better is this coffee cake every time.I absolutely love the base of this coffee cake. I've used it for my Blueberry Streusel Coffee Cake and my Toffee Almond Coffee Cake and both were awesome. I altered it to this delightful pumpkin version.Because pumpkin is a natural leavener and adds a fair amount of moisture it … [Read more...]

Real Deal Caramel Cake

This Real Deal Caramel Cake is just that - the real deal! And it's straight out of my friend Jocelyn's cookbook, Grandbaby Cakes!I could not be more excited to share this cake and cookbook with you today. First of all, the author is one of my favorites. Jocelyn's blog is wonderful and she is a gem. You won't meet anyone else who can light up a room like she does and keep you laughing. Love her. Plus, she's so real. I love that.And her realness totally shows in her cookbook which is full of stories about her family and growing up baking. Every recipe is so personal to her and it makes it not only fun to bake from, but fun to read too. She's largely influenced by her grandmother and the photos of her, her mom and her grandmother sprinkled throughout the book are absolutely beautiful.And then … [Read more...]

Kahlua Chocolate Cupcakes with Salted Caramel

These Kahlua Chocolate Cupcakes with Salted Caramel are so delicious and a wonderful combination of flavors! Kahlua and chocolate are already awesome together, but when you add caramel sauce and a sprinkle of sea salt, it's a done deal.So normally I'd tell you about something really funny or great that's happening. It's our chance to catch up, you know? Like, "Hey, how's it going?" And then I tell you.But as I sit here to write this post, there's nothing clever. Just life. I'm sitting here next two dogs that are sleeping and snoring like rhinoceros', reminding me that I'd love to curl up right between them right now.My kitchen is a freaking disaster, as usual. With all the baking that goes on, it's no wonder. As soon as I wash a dish, I use it again. It's ridiculous.There's laundry … [Read more...]

Caramel Apple Cupcakes

These Caramel Apple Cupcakes are made with a spiced apple cupcake topped with caramel icing. They totally melt in your mouth and are the perfect use for all those apples!So please tell me I'm not the only one that has those moments where you say something totally dumb without meaning to. The hubs gives me a hard time about it pretty regularly.For example, recently we were driving over to the store and when we got to the parking lot he asked, "Where should I park?" To which I responded, "I don't know. I guess wherever there's an open spot."Now it may seem like I was being kind of a smartie there, but I wasn't. Something in my brain genuinely didn't connect and I was like, I don't know. Ha!Of course he knows me well enough to know I didn't mean it meanly and he laughed at me and said, … [Read more...]

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