Strawberry Sundae Cupcakes


These Strawberry Sundae Cupcakes are a moist vanilla cupcake topped with strawberry milkshake icing, then finished off with chocolate ganache, sprinkles and a cherry! Such a fun, delicious cupcake for spring and summer. So this past weekend I had a wonderful weekend in Santa Barbara with a great group of bloggers. Unfortunately my flight home was not so fun. American Airlines cancelled my morning flight before I even made it to the airport. The good part of that was that I got to hang out with my bloggy bestie Julianne for a little longer. The bad part was that the new flight they put me on would've had me leaving LAX at midnight and not getting home until the next day. #notokay I called to change the flight and got a super rude guy on the phone. I was able to get a different flight, but was still … [Read more...]

Raspberry Almond Poke Cake


This Raspberry Almond Poke Cake is seriously delish! The cake has a wonderful almond flavor and is soaked with sweetened condensed milk and pureed raspberries, which make it a little sweet and a little tart. Then it’s topped of with a lightly almond whipped cream. Light, fruity and fun! Do you ever have an experience where you watch an old movie - one you’ve been watching since you were a kid - and realize so many things about it you never realized before? For example. As a kid, I used to watch Dirty Dancing all.the.time. I’m pretty sure I was like 2 when I started watching it. You might be thinking that’s waaaaay to young to watch that movie, but truthfully the only part I payed any attention to was the dancing. It’s still my favorite part. But now I know that there’s a whole other storyline … [Read more...]

Nutella Cupcakes

Nutella Cupcakes - Nutella in the cupcakes and frosting!

These Nutella Cupcakes are soft, moist and full of Nutella flavor - both in the cupcake and in the frosting. The cupcakes use only one bowl, so they are easy to make. They are finished off with a drizzle of Nutella and a slice of strawberry. We had a beautiful Easter weekend. I hope you did too! We watched my niece play some basketball, my mom came into town and we hung out with the family on Sunday. At my niece's basketball game, she asked me if I was bringing the carrot cake that they love so much for Easter the next day. Total #BadAunt moment. I had completely forgotten about how much they love that carrot cake and was totally unprepared. I'd been thinking so much about what regular food, i.e. not dessert, I was bringing that dessert totally slipped my mind. How does that even happen to me? I … [Read more...]

Strawberry Ice Cream Cake


This Strawberry Ice Cream Cake is so delicious and perfect for spring and summer! The vanilla cake is so soft and light, and the strawberry ice cream is creamy and so strawberry-y! With the beautiful strawberries on top and around the edge to finish it off, I'm in love. Fruit is kind of like nature's art. I mean think about it. Fruit, for the most part, is beautiful. It's so colorful. It comes in so many shapes and sizes. You can file it onto a cake and call it decorated. Beautiful. Plus, it delicious. If there's anything better than outer beauty, it's inner beauty. And inside most fruit, you find sweet delicious-ness. Double the beautiful. I'm poetic, I know. But seriously. I love decorating cakes and sweets with fruit. It's the easiest way to make a beautiful dessert that just screams fun … [Read more...]

Cannoli Icebox Cake


This Cannoli Icebox Cake is so simple to make. With layers of graham crackers and cannoli filling, it makes a delicious and easy treat! We had a pretty uneventful weekend. It was busy and full of plenty of baking, but not particularly exciting. And yet, sometimes those are the weekends I love the most. The hubs and I enjoyed some nice time together. Our church actually streams the 11 o'clock service online and we decided to stay home and watch church from the comfort of our couch. After the weather has gotten into the 70s lately, it was in the 20s yesterday morning. Instead of braving the cold (we're wimps, I know), I made us a nice warm breakfast and then we watched church. It was really great message - you should totally check it out. It was about how God uses difficult times in our lives to … [Read more...]

Moist Chocolate Cupcakes with Ganache Filling


These Moist Chocolate Cupcakes are only made more delicious by the ganache filling in the middle. They are moist, a little fluffy, a little dense and oh so chocolatey! And they got rave reviews. If there's one thing everyone loves, it's good, moist chocolate cupcakes. It's a necessity. I didn't even like chocolate cupcakes until I finally had a good one. And while I totally love this chocolate cake recipe and have used it time and time again as a cake and cupcakes, I've been wanting to make a chocolate version of my vanilla cupcake for a while and finally decided it was time. One of the things I love about this recipe is that it's all made it one bowl and is so easy to put together. It also uses regular ingredients that you normally have. I'm sometimes asked with the vanilla cupcakes if the … [Read more...]

M&M Basketball Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake


This Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake is covered in peanut butter M&Ms to make a super fun basketball cookie cake that is perfect for all the basketball watching coming up over the next month. One of my least favorite things is doing dishes. There are always so many of them. Dishwashers are a wonderful thing, but then there’s the sorting of the silverware as you take it out of the holder. Not my favorite. Yes, I know I’m sounding very lazy, but it’s the truth. The silverware can sometimes still be wet so then there's drying involved. I mean, really. And the hubs really doesn’t like dishes or emptying the dishwasher. In fact, he purposely avoids it. I finally asked him why he hated it so much the other day and he said it was the silverware sorting. Clearly a solution was needed for both of us. So … [Read more...]

Bananas Foster Layer Cake


This Bananas Foster Layer Cake is a delicious combination of the wonderful flavors of banana foster. The soft cinnamon cake, the rum fosters sauce, the bananas, the rum fosters icing - it all comes together to make an amazing cake! Well, we had a lovely weekend. One of the things that stuck out in my mind a lot after the blog conference I went to last weekend was that I need to make more time for myself to relax and recharge a bit. Between working full time and all the work that goes into this blog, it's hard. It's so much easier said than done, but I'm making a big effort. First of all, the hubs got his notice that he will officially become a citizen Wednesday morning. YAY!!! We will be submitting his paperwork for his passport later that day. :) Then, the weather here was absolutely beautiful … [Read more...]

Samoa Cookie Cake


This Samoa Cookie Cake is absolutely to die for! A moist and chewy sugar cookie is topped with chocolate ganache, gooey caramel filled with coconut, then drizzled with chocolate on top! It is soft, moist, gooey and even better than any Samoa Girl Scout cookie you’ve ever had! So if you follow me on instagram, you’ve probably seen several photos of me having a great time out at the Food Blog Forum conference over the weekend. It was hosted at Walt Disney World and it was awesome! Such great info, so inspiring, great people and great fun. I’ll be telling you all about it soon. I left a day early and came over to Daytona Beach, FL - only about an hour from Orlando. My grandmother lives just a few minutes from the Daytona Speedway. She broke her arm back in December, so I came over to see her and help … [Read more...]

Funfetti Birthday Cake Icebox Cake


This Funfetti Birthday Cake Icebox Cake is full of awesome birthday cake flavor! It has layers of golden birthday cake Oreos, cake batter pudding and cake batter whipped cream. It’s definitely a new favorite! So we found out late last week that the hubs’ citizenship has been approved! Yay! Now we are just waiting to find out when his ceremony date, which I like to call his graduation, will be. Then we can celebrate! We did little celebrating for another reason this weekend. We went to Charlotte to celebrate the birthday of one of the hubs’ college friends. They lived together for about 3 years in college and played college tennis together. Another one of their old teammates was there as well. It was a lot of fun and great to see everyone. What’s funny is that since the hubs and I have been … [Read more...]

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