Cake in a {Sealed} Jar

This might be my new favorite blog post. I've been wanting to make and post this for a while. The main purpose for cake in a sealed jar is what I used it for a few years ago - sending it in a care package to my friend Janelle's boyfriend (now husband) for his birthday when he was deployed with the military to Afghanistan.I was wanting to send Jeff a box of a bunch of things he loved - food, magazines, etc. I can't really remember the order in which things happened, but at some point Janelle mentioned that Jeff''s birthday was coming up and she was trying to figure out something to do for him. Another friend of hers had sent a cake to her husband that she ordered online. It apparently showed up in a less than awesome form and didn't taste terribly great.When I was looking for some ideas online … [Read more...]

Free Printable Tiki Party Cupcake Toppers!

Who doesn't love a good Tiki Party?! Coconut bras and drinks, leis, grass skirts. Sounds like fun to me! And a great excuse to dress up, no less.So I made these cupcake toppers for an engagement party for one of my very best friends and one of my favorite couples! They'd be great for any kind of party though - engagement, birthday or just for the sake of a good party.And they are easy to cut out and put together.So easy that my mom actually helped me with the ones for the engagement party. When she saw the supplies I had - paper, sissors, sticks and glue - she immediately tried to make a getaway saying "I'm SOOOO not a crafty person!" Well even for someone that's not crafty, these are easy. When she finally gave up the fight, she was quite successful. :)Download the FREE … [Read more...]

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