My Dad’s 70th Birthday and How to Make a Hat Cake


I can't believe I'm just now posting this. My dad's birthday was in August. Better late than never though, right? At least I'm posting it in the same year. I figured it had to go up before we reached 2013. :) Anyways, for my dad's big 70th birthday my parents and siblings (minus one who couldn't come) got together in Atlanta. It just so happened that the weekend of his birthday the LA Dodgers were coming to Atlanta to play the Braves. My dad has been an LA Dodgers fan for as long as I can remember. He's been a fan since they were the Brooklyn Dodgers. He said all he wanted for his birthday was for everyone to go to the game together all wearing Dodgers gear. So we did. So naturally, that became the theme for the weekend. The night before the game, we had a dinner with some of our other family (we … [Read more...]

Tutorial: Doily Cake Pops


I'm into doilies right now. They can really dress things up, they're kind of sweet, they give things a natural feel and add great texture. And I love texture. I've seen a number of amazing cakes with doilies on them that make me drool. And while I'd love to dive right into making one of them, I just don't have a reason to make a large doily cake (other than sheer fun) right now. So I decided to go small and make a doily cake pop.   I personally think they are awesome and pair perfectly with my ruffly flower pops. So sweet.   So here's a little tutorial on how to make them yourself. Pretty quick and easy. Just how I like it. Supplies you need: Fondant or gumpaste (or a 50/50 mix of both) Rolling pin Rose cutters (large and small) Gum glue (mix of gumpaste and water) Rolling … [Read more...]

Tutorial: Ruffle Fantasy Flower Cake Pops


I love ruffles! Anything with ruffles! If I wasn't married, lived in a bachelorette pad and had the money to decorate however I wanted, I would be surrounded in awesome girly-ness, including ruffles. I'd actually need multiple places or multiple rooms, because I would have a different theme in each. And one would be ruffles. Fortunately, I've managed to squeeze ruffles into a few places in our house without too much protesting from the hubs. For example, I have ruffle throw pillows mixed in with other pillows on our couch. Initially I got some protesting, but once he saw how good the looked, he totally caved. :) So these cake pops are a fantasy of ruffles for me. And yet with the brown and ivory colors they have kind of a rustic feel, which is another theme I'd have in a room. I'm a fan of that … [Read more...]

Recipe and Tutorial: Red Velvet Cheesecake Pops


These Red Velvet Cheesecake Pops are a bite size version of the Ultimate Red Velvet Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. A ball of cheesecake covered in red velvet cake. Does is get any better than that? Truth be told, my favorite cheesecake from there is the Fresh Banana Cream. I am a banana flavor kid all the way. But ever since I found Bakerella's Red Velvet Cake Recipe I have been more of a red velvet fan. And I have always been a lover of cheesecake. So to me, these pops are the perfect treat of two amazing things covered in white chocolate (which is my preferred chocolate - naturally, since it's the least nutritious of the chocolate options). Here's how to make them: [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:76] As always, thanks for reading!   … [Read more...]

Tutorial: Hand-painting pretty words onto fondant cake


One of my favorite parts about the cake that I recently made for my mom's birthday is the personalized things written on the fondant around the top layer. It made the cake special and it made my mom cry. Rock on. However I was slightly terrified of actually writing onto the cake, since my handwriting tends to be messy and slanted without a line to write on. So I came up with a way to write on the cake in a pretty font. If it seems hard or intimidating, trust me, it's not. And it actually went pretty quickly. Check out the tutorial below. I hope you find it easy to follow. Feel free to ask questions if something isn't clear. 1. I started off by measuring around the cake to see how much space I had. I got the length around and the height of the area I had to work in. 2. I created a box that … [Read more...]

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